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Project Design Start Date: Spring 2020
Phase I Construction Start Date: June 2021
Phase II Construction Start Date: June 2022
Project Completion Date: October 2022
Project Description:
The library will be receiving some much needed renovations in a two phase project. Phase I began April 2021. Phase II will begin in Summer 2022. Construction will happen in the following two phases: The first phase, in Summer 2021, will include a new exiting door system, acoustical flooring, and acoustical wall panels. Phase II will create an outdoor extension of the Library (toward BSTIC). A new doorway opposite the main entrance will exit to a roughly 3,000 square foot enclosed patio with varied seating, shade, vending, power and data intended to serve as a study, group study, or meeting space without restrictions related to food and beverages. As part of this effort, the first floor restrooms will receive new finishes and modifications to create better ADA access.