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Project Start Date: Fall 2019
Construction Start Date: Fall 2021
Projected Project Completion Date: Fall 2023
Tentative Enrollment Date: Spring 2024
Project Description:

The recently completed Arts Village at Irvine Valley College (IVC), spanning 62,471 gross square feet, stands as a pivotal enhancement to the campus. This development consolidates the School of the Arts into three main structures: Music/Dance, Visual Arts, and Fine Arts/Gallery. The new complex is located southwest of IVC’s Performing Arts Center and adjacent to the new Parking Lot 6.

A noteworthy feature of the Arts Village is its architectural design, with all buildings achieving LEED Gold equivalency. This accomplishment underscores a commitment to resource efficiency and sustainable building practices.

The Music/Dance building boasts sophisticated acoustical treatment in practice and rehearsal areas, elevating sound quality and isolation. This thoughtful design fosters an optimal educational environment for music and dance students. The Fine Arts/Gallery building features a multifunctional 150-seat auditorium equipped with adaptable acoustics, suitable for both lectures and musical events. Additionally, an art gallery within the building provides space for student and external exhibitions, promoting artistic collaboration and community engagement.

The Visual Arts building introduces a ceramics facility, expanding creative opportunities for students with a focus on sculpture and pottery. Each building is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual systems and advanced security technology, ensuring a secure and technologically enriched learning environment.

IVC President Dr. John Hernandez states, “The Arts Village is IVC’s most significant construction project to date. We look forward to its impact on the community.” Initiated on December 1, 2021, the project is slated to open for the spring semester in January 2024.

The creation of the Arts Village is a collaborative effort involving McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., DLR Group, and South Orange County Community College District stakeholders. Representing a substantial investment in the arts at IVC, the project, with an approximate budget of $61 million, is funded by the South Orange County Community College District and the State of California.