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Project Start Date: Fall 2018
Phase I Construction Start Date: June 2019
Phase I Construction Completion Date: November 2019
Phase II Construction Start Date: March 2020
Phase II Construction Completion Date: December 2020
Phase III Construction Start Date: March 2021
Phase III Construction End Date: August 2021
Project Completion Date: Summer 2021

Project Description:
The B 200 Chemistry Labs Renovation Project provided a much needed facelift and modernization to B221 and B222, two pre‐existing chemistry labs in the B 200 Building, and added a fourth lab in B230. Phase I transitioned the Classroom in B230 into a Chemistry Lab and Balance Room. Phase II focused on B221 modernization and Phase III on B222. The project also created a new Computer Classroom between B221 and B222 during Phase II and a few small adjustments were made to the Prep Room area.

Final closeout of this project will be completed Summer 2021

Project Update:
Irvine Valley College has received $6.1 million in basic aid funds for the purpose of renovating three instructional chemistry labs, associated prep rooms, and a shared computer lab totaling approximately 5,200 sq. ft. located on the first floor of the Physical Sciences Building, B200. The physical layout of these labs, built back in 1986, was functionally obsolete, unattractive, and visually obscured from corridors. Aged equipment and furnishings were replaced with modern lab benches and furnishings to provide new state-of-the-art teaching labs and associated support spaces to promote greater interactivity between faculty and students. Each chemistry teaching labs accommodates 30 students. New HVAC systems were installed to support the science programs. The re-design of the interior spaces added both flexibility and capability to the labs. The addition of glass between the labs, balance, computer classroom, and corridor spaces provide visual access to the instructional activities to encourage more students to explore career options in IVC’s science programs. Select corridors surrounding the labs received architectural treatments to create a welcoming environment to display and promote IVC’s science programs. This three-phased project began in 2018 and was completed by Fall 2021, in time for the new semester.

Chemistry Lab B 221 Exterior

Chemistry Lab Tables

Chemistry Lab Construction Phase