Capital Outlay

B 200 Chemistry Labs Renovation

Project Start Date: Fall 2018
Phase I Construction Start Date: June 2019
Phase I Construction Completion Date: November 2019
Phase II Construction Start Date: March 2020
Phase II Construction Completion Date: December 2020
Phase III Construction Start Date: March 2021
Phase III Construction End Date: August 2021
Project Completion Date: Summer 2021

Project Description:
The B 200 Chemistry Labs Renovation Project provided a much needed facelift and modernization to B221 and B222, two pre‐existing chemistry labs in the B 200 Building, and added a fourth lab in B230. Phase I transitioned the Classroom in B230 into a Chemistry Lab and Balance Room. Phase II focused on B221 modernization and Phase III on B222. The project also created a new Computer Classroom between B221 and B222 during Phase II and a few small adjustments were made to the Prep Room area.

Final closeout of this project will be completed Summer 2021

Chemistry Lab B 221 Exterior

Chemistry Lab Tables

Chemistry Lab Construction Phase