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Project Start Date: Summer 2019
Construction Start Date: March 2021
Project Completion Date: Summer 2022
Project Description:
The Soccer, Baseball and Practice Fields project encompasses 13.76 acres of space. It includes renovation of the baseball field, renovation of the current varsity soccer field, creation of a second varsity soccer field, and renovation of the practice fields with: installation of perimeter fencing around the entire area, proper grading and new irrigation, synthetic turf around the perimeters of the varsity fields and baseball field, and natural grass for all playing surfaces. It also includes a 20-foot high wall to right field of the baseball field and two sets of aluminum bleachers for a maximum seating of 96 people for the soccer fields.

The project began the Summer of 2019 and was put on hold due to Covid restrictions March of 2020. Design phase started back up the Summer of 2020 and construction began Spring 2021. The project has an estimated completion date of Summer 2022. .