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Project Start Date: Spring 2021
Phase I Construction Start Date: July 2022
Phase I Construction End Date: August 2022
Phase II Construction Start Date: August 2022
Project Completion Date: December 2022

Project Description: The Outdoor Learning Labs Project consists of two outdoor learning spaces which will be built on the green belt between PAC and BSTIC. The labs will provide exterior green spaces for class lectures and labs, will be built and furnished using environmentally friendly resources, and will incorporate lighting, computer and AV equipment, same as a traditional classroom environment.

Design phase began Spring 2021 and construction of Phase I, which will revise path of travel to the labs, is estimated to begin July 2022 and end August 2022. Phase II construction will start August 2022 and project completion is estimated for December 2022.




Outdoor Learning Space
Pot Upgrade Plan
Blue Prints
Phase 1 upgrades