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Te’Veannah Smith Advocacy and Social Justice Scholarship

This scholarship honors the memory of former student and ASIVC President Te'Veannah "Te" Smith. Te not only worked incredibly hard to overcome enormous systemic barriers herself, but worked to draw attention to systemic barriers and to advocate for other struggling students. This scholarship recognizes a student who shares Te's passion for making the world a better place for everyone, especially folks who struggle against social barriers to success.

The Lyle and Ethel Davis Osher Endowed Scholarship

For many reasons, neither Lyle nor Ethel had the opportunity to go to college. However, their 11 children were raised knowing that college was not an option but mandatory. They understood the power of education and wanted what was best for their children. Proudly, all 11 children had the chance for a college degree. Upon her parents' death, with the help of Charter 100, Julie decided she wanted to honor them with an endowment that would continue to provide scholarships in perpetuity. Hopefully the individuals who receive their scholarship will remember Lyle and Ethel and experience the hope they had for their own children. Lyle and Ethel would be proud.

The Merced Family Scholarship

The Merced family is an agricultural family from Puerto Rico. Agricultural workers have an invaluable place in our society. For those who work every day to provide America with food, this scholarship is to honor you, your families, and your children.

The Nick Tucker Psychology Department Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to students who demonstrate a commitment to education and community. This scholarship is a tribute to Nick Tucker, late husband of IVC psychology professor Kari Tucker, and is presented in Nick’s memory to a re-entry student or a student who is among the first in their family to attend college.

The Raquel Merced Foundation Scholarship

Raquel Merced was a loving mother and grandmother who worked tirelessly to take care of her family. Raquel was born in Puerto Rico and never finished elementary school in order to work to help her family. After her husband’s death, she raised four children as a single mom and on a small pension. She purchased a piece of farmland in Puerto Rico, and built a humble family home. Despite all of the demands, she never missed an opportunity to help her community and never turned away a person who needed help. Her wise choices allowed her family to always have a safe home to come to and a place where the Merced family could always gather. Raquel’s legacy of generosity to others and in service to her community will be memorialized through the recipient of this scholarship.

The Tammy Livingstone For the Love of Molly Cakes Scholarship

This scholarship was created in honor of IVC alumna and her beloved mother (Aline E. Dodson) whose wisdom and encouragement continually provided strength to Tammy while pursuing her professional career goals and higher educational endeavors. It’s a “shout out” to all the Molly Cakes out there who give unconditional love, and strength to their son/daughter every day beyond measure.

Theta Kappa Kappa Scholarship

This scholarship was founded in 2023 in Memory of Kara Miklaus. Kara began working at the age of 12 taking odd jobs as a babysitter, lawnmower, lifeguard, snack-bar attendant, and anything that paid. She was also a saver. Together with scholarships like this one, Kara’s savings allowed her to self-fund her own bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Kara was a lifelong learner and hard-work enthusiast. So much so that she continued her post-graduate training with five separate professional certifications in different disciplines, and then co-founded a company that she appropriately named: WORK. She was the epitome of grit, determination, character, and virtue. Kara was a devoted wife, an incredible mother, a successful business owner, and an inspiring community leader. It is our great honor to present this scholarship to a student in her memory so that her legacy might live on in all of their wonderful scholastic and creative achievements.

Tonya Reed Gardner Memorial Endowed Music Scholarship

Tonya Reed Gardner was a music major at IVC when she passed away in an automobile accident in April 1993. Because Tonya was a very caring and giving person, the Gardner family, along with the Music Department established an endowed scholarship in her name. Each year, this endowment provides the opportunity for Tonya to be remembered with the awarding of a scholarship to IVC music majors who have demonstrated musical excellence in their instrument or voice studies and performance, as well as in their music courses.

Tracy D. Terrell Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship is in honor of Dr. Tracy David Terrell, professor, researcher, author, mentor, and language enthusiast par excellence. Dr. Terrell received his Ph.D. in linguistics from The University of Texas at Austin and came to UC Irvine in 1970, where he taught linguistics and directed the first-year Spanish program, training teaching assistants in language teaching practices. He conducted pioneering research in the area of Caribbean Spanish sociolinguistics and is best known as the originator of the Natural Approach for the teaching of languages, an approach that has gained wide acceptance in the world of foreign language and ESL instruction. Dr. Terrell collaborated with other professors to write several language textbooks: Dos mundos, Deux mondes, and Kontake, the latter two are still used in many universities. Dos mundos was used to teach Spanish at IVC for many years. In 2013, this textbook received a makeover in its modern version, Tu mundo, a text for the 21st century but still deeply rooted in the core principles of Natural Approach. Dr. Terrell’s influence is still felt at IVC, where his mentee and coauthor on Dos mundos, Jeanne Egasse, was the founding faculty member, hired in 1980 to direct the developing language program. Dr. Terrell will always be remembered as a warm, energetic, creative, articulate, and generous spirit who treated students with the same respect as fellow published scholars. This visionary educator’s life was cut short by a terminal illness in 1992. Those who knew Dr. Terrell and those who are still influenced by his revolutionary approach to teaching languages, honor his contributions with this scholarship for students majoring in languages at IVC.

Tricia Stewart Scholarship

Tricia Stewart loved to travel and to share information with anyone she met. She took as many trips as she could and never hesitated to bring what she learned back home to everyone. Traveling was about new experiences and exploring new cultures. Each new country and city brought new pictures and sounds to share with others. The world was her oyster. Phillip George established this scholarship in her memory and hopes that the recipient will carry on her love for adventures.

Trustee Inmon Guardian Scholarship at IVC

As a teacher, Trustee Inmon understands the importance of minimizing barriers students face as they strive to achieve their academic goals. This scholarship is allocated to students who spent time in the foster system due to their unique and challenging circumstances. She wants to be sure they know someone believes in their dreams and is supporting them.