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Ikemi-Murakami Scholarship

Kristine Murakami worked for decades assisting students and colleagues as a member of the classified staff in the IVC Library. She loved music and was a friend of the IVC Music Department. Her mother was a pianist and lifelong piano teacher. Kristine and her sister were surrounded by music while growing up and were encouraged to have music in their lives. In memory of and in honor of their mother, they founded the Ikemi-Murakami Music Scholarship for IVC instrumental and/ or keyboard music majors who have demonstrated musical excellence on their instrument and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Iman Khosrowpour Endowed Scholarship

Iman Khosrowpour was an adjunct professor of applied violin and viola and a broad variety of music classes, as well as conductor of the IVC Symphony Orchestra for ten years. His teaching challenged and inspired students to become the best musicians possible and to recognize the value of music to the community. This scholarship was established by Iman’s family, friends, and colleagues in honor of the incredible impact he had on his students.

It’s Never Too Late to Become What You Might Have Been Scholarship

When Sonya Mitchell Winder attended IVC, she was a single mother who had survived a number of challenging events in her life. Determined to create more opportunities for herself, she was committed to earning her associate degree. Receiving scholarships is one of the things that motivated her to continue. She established this scholarship to provide support in the hopes that it will have the same impact on the recipients.

IVC Administrators and Managers Scholarship

The managers at IVC interact with students on a daily basis outside of the classroom. They hear about the successes and failures of their academic careers. Through this, they understand that many of our students face large financial barriers which often stop them from continuing their education. With that in mind, this group created a scholarship to ensure that a student who is continuing their education at IVC with a minimum GPA of 3.5 has the financial resources needed to continue their education.

IVC Classified Senate Endowed Scholarship

Classified professionals proudly come together every year to organize fundraising activities in order to provide funds to help students. Recipients are selected by the Classified Senate Scholarship Committee and are awarded to a full-time continuing student who is self-supporting, demonstrates community or college involvement, and has a minimum GPA of 3.0.

IVC Faculty Osher Endowed Scholarship

IVC faculty created this scholarship to provide the students they teach with the financial resources they need to succeed.

IVC Honors Program Exemplary Achievement Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a member in good standing of the IVC Honors Program.

IVC Scholar-Athletes of the Year

Scholar-Athletes of the Year is the longest standing award presented to IVC student-athletes and was established as a community partnership with the Exchange Club of Irvine in 1999. Award winners epitomize the highest level of achievement in competition, the classroom, and within our community, and embody personal excellence through their skills, commitment, and work ethic.

IVC Spanish Department Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student completing either the AA degree or the AAT degree in Spanish by the end of the spring semester.

IVC Student Alumni Osher Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a continuing IVC student who is in good academic standing.

IVC Transfer Scholarship

Working in IVC’s Transfer Center, Tuan Nguyen has seen firsthand the challenges that students in the Forgotten Middle face. Their families earn too much for the student to qualify for financial aid, but not enough to pay for college. He established this scholarship to help students in the Forgotten Middle to continue their education.