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Marie de la Palme Memorial Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was created to honor and memorialize former dance faculty member Marie de la Palme, who founded IVC’s Performing Dance Ensemble. In 2012, “Madame de la Palme,” as she was called by her students, was chosen as Full-time Teacher of the Year. She was known as a wonderful colleague and a generous and radiant presence in the classroom, on the stage, and in the world. She is survived by her husband, son and daughter, and her legions of students and colleagues.

Math Scholarship

These scholarships were established by IVC math faculty in order to support the efforts of our math students. They are honored to acknowledge the dedication of the recipients who continue to pursue their interest in this field.

Matt Wolken School of IDEA Scholarship

Matt Wolken is the department chair of Integrated Design, Engineering and Automation. He is an inspirational engineering faculty member whose classes encourage students to explore and learn through creative, hands-on projects. This scholarship was created by community members who were impressed with the impact he has on his students.

Maxwell Family Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was created by Helen and Peter Maxwell because they believe in the community college system. They wanted to ensure that financial barriers do not inhibit promising veteran students from achieving their goals.

Maxwell Guardian Scholar Endowed Scholarship

Guardian Scholars are exceptional for their ambition and determination to earn a college degree despite the difficulties and disappointments they have been handed in life. Peter and Helen Maxwell established a scholarship to help them reach their goals and have access to the resources necessary to fulfill their dreams.

Mikel Bistany Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Mikel Bistany was a physical education instructor at IVC and a champion for IVC students with disabilities. In addition to teaching an adapted physical education class, he created and facilitated weekend tournaments for wheelchair tennis and basketball. He is remembered for his wonderful sense of humor and for being extraordinarily student-focused. Friends, family, and colleagues contributed funds over a number of years to ensure that Mikel’s support for students with disabilities went on in perpetuity.

Miranda Family Scholarship

As the Vice President for Instruction, Rick Miranda dedicates his days to ensuring that IVC provides the best educational opportunities for our students. The Miranda family is made up of artists, musicians, writers, scientists, and educators who understand the commitment students make to creating their future. They understand that students can always use a little extra support and for students to know that someone believes in them. By providing this scholarship, the family hopes that the recipient is compelled to keep moving forward in their academic and professional goals.