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Caldwell-Huie Family Scholarship

This scholarship was created to provide assistance to a student studying in the medical or business fields. These fields of study have provided great opportunities for the grantors of the scholarship.

California Retired Teachers Association, Harbor Beach Division 77 Scholarship

In 1995, the California Retired Teachers Association – Harbor Beach Division #77 made their first scholarship gift to invest in a future teacher. They hope that through this scholarship, they will encourage and support students working successfully toward a career in public education.

Cambridge West Partnership, LLC Scholarship

In 2022, Irvine Valley College was selected as one of 20 California community colleges to receive scholarship funds from Cambridge West Partnership, LLC. Their generous support will be invested in the future of IVC students.

Campbell-Hutter Whatever It Takes Scholarship

This scholarship is to support single parent students who faced tremendous obstacles. The student persevered and did whatever it took in order to succeed. The student also has plans to transfer to a 4-year college or university.

Carol and Bob Warsaw Family Endowed Scholarship

Carol and Bob Warsaw started this scholarship to support students who were struggling against all odds to achieve their educational goals. Carol has been a member of Charter 100 for a number of years. She saw the wonderful successes the scholarship recipients achieved and was inspired to expand that support with a newly endowed scholarship. Together, Carol and Bob understand the impact and value of higher education and they want to reduce the financial barrier that is often the reason students do not pursue their academic dreams.

Cesar Chavez Endowed Scholarship

Frank Marmolejo, retired IVC faculty member, understands the unique challenges that first-generation Latinx students face. He started this scholarship as a way to support and encourage students from similar backgrounds to pursue their academic dreams.

Charter 100 Countess Pease Jeffries Endowed Scholarship

Countess Pease Jeffries was a very special and very accomplished member of Charter 100. Amongst her many achievements, Countess earned her BS at Howard University, her MBA at NYU, and finally her JD at Harvard University. She was generous and lived her life to the fullest. She relished the early days of Charter 100's support of IVC's CARE students. The members of Charter 100 established this endowment in her memory as a fitting tribute to the exceptional life she lived.

Charter 100 Dina and Aron Kagan Endowed Scholarship

Dina and Aron Kagan were the parents of Charter 100 member Cecilia Goodman. While she was growing up, Cecilia’s parents stressed the importance of education. She established this endowment in memory of her parents and to carry on the work of investing in education.

Charter 100 Dr. Ellie T Soltani Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Parisa Soltani established this scholarship in memory of her mother, Dr. Ellie T. Soltani. Throughout her life, Parisa’s mother taught her the lesson that education was one of the best ways to help and support personal goals. By establishing this scholarship, Parisa hopes to pass this lesson on to the single parents and foster youth who receive the scholarship.

Charter 100 Jana Hackett Endowed Scholarship

When longtime friend Jana Hackett passed away, her friends and family established this endowed scholarship as a memorial to her incredible life.

Charter 100 Marilyn Foreman Endowed Scholarship

Marilyn Foreman was a longtime member of Charter 100 and a champion for women, both in education and business. Completing only one year of college as an art major in the 1940s, she overcame incredible odds, eventually taking over the family medical manufacturing business at age 58 and making it profitable. When she passed away at 73, the women of Charter 100 contributed to start this scholarship that bears her name.

Charter 100 Mary Turner Endowed Scholarship

Mary Turner was a longtime Charter 100 member who knew the scholarships the club provided to single parents made a significant impact on their educational journeys and ultimately their lives. When Mary passed away, the members of Charter 100 started an endowed scholarship to honor her memory and her commitment to IVC students.

Charter 100 Osher Endowed Scholarship

Charter 100 of Orange County has supported IVC students since 1996. They firmly believe that education is a pathway to opportunity, empowerment and independence and have made the support of IVC students their primary mission.

Charter 100 Ray and Gladys Williams Endowed Scholarship

Ray and Gladys Williams were children of farmers in Michigan. While Gladys pursued nursing, Ray built a career in the banking world. They encouraged their four children to give back to the community and would encourage the recipients of this award to work hard and be proud of who they are and what they have accomplished in life. Ray and Gladys would be so proud to have this endowment named in their honor.

Charter 100 Sandi Mitchell Endowed Scholarship

Helping women and girls reach their potential is something that Sandi Mitchell strongly believes in. She demonstrated her passion by being a member of Charter 100 and contributing to organizations that work toward this goal.

Charter 100 Scholarship

Charter 100 members know that single parents and Guardian Scholars face unique financial obstacles, especially when they are college students. By providing these scholarships, the members aim to alleviate these struggles and to let students know they believe in their ability to succeed.

Chris L.C. Lee Creativity and Academic Scholarship

The Chris L.C. Lee Creativity and Academic Scholarship was established by Dr. Cathleen Greiner and members of Exchange Club of Irvine, and supported by Chris Lee's parents. It is to honor Chris's life and his passion for music. Chris Lee was an alumnus of IVC and a former testing proctor in the campus testing center.

City of Irvine Educational Partnership Fund Scholarship

The City of Irvine strongly believes in education and supporting their students throughout their educational careers. They contribute money annually to Irvine Valley College to use for scholarships for incoming freshmen students who graduated from the Irvine Unified School District.

Crossing the Finish Line Scholarship

As students pursue their educational goals at IVC, they often pour their hearts and souls into their studies, embracing every opportunity to learn, grow and develop their skills. Some students get very close to the end only to realize that they are suddenly faced with a financial barrier and cannot afford to take the last few classes to earn their degree. These students may feel like they have come so far, only to be stopped short of the finish line. This is where the scholarship comes in, providing a lifeline to students in need, helping them to overcome their financial challenges and cross the finish line.

CSM Edward Harrel, USA, (Ret.) and Mieko Harrel Endowed Scholarship

Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Edward Harrel, USA, (Ret.) and Mieko I. Harrel were dedicated and generous advocates for the people and values of our Irvine community. Mieko “Miki” Harrel was a very active Irvine volunteer during her 37 years of calling Irvine home after moving around the world in support of Edward’s military career. Miki’s life was touched by a number of IVC students both as a student herself and through her community involvement. Through her will, she established this scholarship to give back to the college that had a positive impact on their lives and is such an important part of our local community. The scholarship is awarded to a veteran, or child/grandchild of a veteran, to honor her husband, whose career spanned 33 years in the military; he honorably served in both the U.S. Navy and Army.

Cyndy McElyea Endowed Scholarship

Cyndy McElyea was a beloved member of the classified staff at IVC. In addition to doing her job well, she went out of her way to nurture and care for our students. When she passed away, at the young age of 38, the campus community came together to endow a scholarship to ensure that Cyndy’s passion for supporting students would go on in perpetuity.