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AESL Program Scholarship

Students who enroll in AESL classes are often recent immigrants to the United States who are learning English in order to create lives for themselves in their new country. This scholarship was created to support them while they are in the program and encourage them to continue their education once they become fluent enough to do so.

Alfonso Mendoza Memorial Scholarship

Phillip George established this scholarship in memory of his friend Alfonso Mendoza. Phillip and Alfonso attended IVC together and were good friends. Tragically, Alfonso died in a motorcycle accident while still a student at IVC. While Alfonso was not able to complete his education and secure a job in IT, Phillip hopes that this scholarship will enable other students to achieve that goal.

Alteryx SparkED Scholarship

The Alteryx SparkED Scholarship Program provides financial assistance, career experiences, and meaningful engagements to learners who show interest in data analytics, and who are from a diverse range of backgrounds, educational environments, and fields of study.

Assistance League of Irvine Certificate Program Scholarship

This scholarship is a philanthropic program designed by Assistance League of Irvine to provide scholarship funds to students enrolled in certificate programs.

Associated Students of Irvine Valley College (ASIVC) Scholarships

ASIVC is proud of the diversity of Irvine Valley College. Therefore, they provide a large variety of scholarships to support students for academic achievement, overcoming financial barriers, participation in college programs and so much more. They are proud to support their peers along their educational journeys.

  • Academic Excellence (2A)
  • Academic Excellence (2B)
  • Academic Excellence (2)
  • AESL and ESL
  • Career Education
  • Dream Scholars
  • Disability Support Programs for Students
  • Exceptional Leadership
  • Guardian Scholars
  • HEARTS Scholars
  • Income Qualified
  • International Students
  • Leadership
  • Pride Scholars
  • Puente Program
  • Re-Entry
  • Refugee
  • School of the Arts
  • School of Business Sciences
  • School of Humanities
  • School of Integrated Design, Engineering and Automation (IDEA)
  • School of Kinesiology, Health and Athletics
  • School of Life Sciences and Technologies
  • School of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Single Parent
  • Transfer
  • Veterans Recognition


Caldwell-Huie Family Scholarship

This scholarship was created to provide assistance to a student studying in the medical or business fields. These fields of study have provided great opportunities for the grantors of the scholarship.

California Retired Teachers Association, Harbor Beach Division 77 Scholarship

In 1995, the California Retired Teachers Association – Harbor Beach Division #77 made their first scholarship gift to invest in a future teacher. They hope that through this scholarship, they will encourage and support students working successfully toward a career in public education.

Cambridge West Partnership, LLC Scholarship

In 2022, Irvine Valley College was selected as one of 20 California community colleges to receive scholarship funds from Cambridge West Partnership, LLC. Their generous support will be invested in the future of IVC students.

Campbell-Hutter Whatever It Takes Scholarship

This scholarship is to support single parent students who faced tremendous obstacles. The student persevered and did whatever it took in order to succeed. The student also has plans to transfer to a 4-year college or university.

Charter 100 Scholarship

Charter 100 members know that single parents and Guardian Scholars face unique financial obstacles, especially when they are college students. By providing these scholarships, the members aim to alleviate these struggles and to let students know they believe in their ability to succeed.

City of Irvine Educational Partnership Fund Scholarship

The City of Irvine strongly believes in education and supporting their students throughout their educational careers. They contribute money annually to Irvine Valley College to use for scholarships for incoming freshmen students who graduated from the Irvine Unified School District.

Crossing the Finish Line Scholarship

As students pursue their educational goals at IVC, they often pour their hearts and souls into their studies, embracing every opportunity to learn, grow and develop their skills. Some students get very close to the end only to realize that they are suddenly faced with a financial barrier and cannot afford to take the last few classes to earn their degree. These students may feel like they have come so far, only to be stopped short of the finish line. This is where the scholarship comes in, providing a lifeline to students in need, helping them to overcome their financial challenges and cross the finish line.


Dr. Sanjai Gupta Math Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes the tremendous impact Dr. Sanjai Gupta is making for IVC STEM students in mathematics. Many students would not have advanced so far and so well without his talent to blend excellent instruction, a little humor, classroom civility and encouragement. This scholarship is awarded to a promising STEM student with financial need.


Edison International STEM Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to IVC students who are STEM majors with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Edward Woo Wong Memorial Scholarship

Edward Woo Wong lived a life of integrity, strong work ethic, and faithful generosity, with a fervent desire to serve the community with humility. This scholarship is awarded to a student who exemplifies these characteristics and is seeking a future in business.


Follett Bookstore

This scholarship is awarded to a student who has performed a service to the college and community.

Fumiko Ishii Nadeshiko Scholarship

Professor Fumiko Ishii started teaching Japanese in 1985 when IVC’s first Japanese class was introduced. From a humble beginning, starting with the IVC satellite classes held at the El Toro Air Base, the program grew exponentially due partly to her dedication and commitment. Now the Japanese program is one of the major language programs at IVC. When the Northeastern region of Japan was struck by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami on March 11, 2011, Professor Ishii organized a myriad of fundraising events and donated $20,000 to its victims. With the success of the fundraising efforts, she decided to launch the Nadeshiko Scholarship in 2012. Since then, the Nadeshiko Scholarship has been awarded to two or three students per year to help the awardees continue their education and play an active role in global society.


Guardian Scholars Scholarship

Every student who attends IVC faces challenges as they earn their degree. This scholarship was established to support our Guardian Scholars as they face unique and difficult obstacles.


Ikemi-Murakami Scholarship

Kristine Murakami worked for decades assisting students and colleagues as a member of the classified staff in the IVC Library. She loved music and was a friend of the IVC Music Department. Her mother was a pianist and lifelong piano teacher. Kristine and her sister were surrounded by music while growing up and were encouraged to have music in their lives. In memory of and in honor of their mother, they founded the Ikemi-Murakami Music Scholarship for IVC instrumental and/ or keyboard music majors who have demonstrated musical excellence on their instrument and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

It’s Never Too Late to Become What You Might Have Been Scholarship

When Sonya Mitchell Winder attended IVC, she was a single mother who had survived a number of challenging events in her life. Determined to create more opportunities for herself, she was committed to earning her associate degree. Receiving scholarships is one of the things that motivated her to continue. She established this scholarship to provide support in the hopes that it will have the same impact on the recipients.

IVC Administrators and Managers Scholarship

The managers at IVC interact with students on a daily basis outside of the classroom. They hear about the successes and failures of their academic careers. Through this, they understand that many of our students face large financial barriers which often stop them from continuing their education. With that in mind, this group created a scholarship to ensure that a student who is continuing their education at IVC with a minimum GPA of 3.5 has the financial resources needed to continue their education.

IVC Honors Program Exemplary Achievement Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a member in good standing of the IVC Honors Program.

IVC Scholar-Athletes of the Year

Scholar-Athletes of the Year is the longest standing award presented to IVC student-athletes and was established as a community partnership with the Exchange Club of Irvine in 1999. Award winners epitomize the highest level of achievement in competition, the classroom, and within our community, and embody personal excellence through their skills, commitment, and work ethic.

IVC Spanish Department Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student completing either the AA degree or the AAT degree in Spanish by the end of the spring semester.

IVC Transfer Scholarship

Working in IVC’s Transfer Center, Tuan Nguyen has seen firsthand the challenges that students in the Forgotten Middle face. Their families earn too much for the student to qualify for financial aid, but not enough to pay for college. He established this scholarship to help students in the Forgotten Middle to continue their education.


Keynea Wen Wang Scholarship

This scholarship is established in the memory of our beloved mother, Keynea Wen Wang, as she leaves behind a legacy of education, resilience, and compassion for others. Before she immigrated to the U.S., Keynea was a tenured educator at Yu Da High School of Commerce, where she taught accounting, finance, and general studies in Taipei, Taiwan. With the educator in her heart, Keynea always taught her children to lead a life with compassion and take every opportunity to inspire others. With this scholarship, they hope that her legacy will live on to support others in achieving greatness in life.


LGBTQ+ Scholars Scholarship

The Lindley family are proud allies to the LGBTQ+ community. To celebrate this amazing community, this scholarship was created to address the financial barriers that are present in the pursuit of a higher education.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Wall Memorial Scholarship–Irvine Chamber

Coordinated and supported by the Irvine Chamber of Commerce, this scholarship is awarded to a veteran or child of a veteran with a minimum GPA of 2.5 who has financial need and is pursuing a career path in science, business or law enforcement at IVC.


Math Scholarship

These scholarships were established by IVC math faculty in order to support the efforts of our math students. They are honored to acknowledge the dedication of the recipients who continue to pursue their interest in this field.

Matt Wolken School of IDEA Scholarship

Matt Wolken is the department chair of Integrated Design, Engineering and Automation. He is an inspirational engineering faculty member whose classes encourage students to explore and learn through creative, hands-on projects. This scholarship was created by community members who were impressed with the impact he has on his students.

Miranda Family Scholarship

As the Vice President for Instruction, Rick Miranda dedicates his days to ensuring that IVC provides the best educational opportunities for our students. The Miranda family is made up of artists, musicians, writers, scientists, and educators who understand the commitment students make to creating their future. They understand that students can always use a little extra support and for students to know that someone believes in them. By providing this scholarship, the family hopes that the recipient is compelled to keep moving forward in their academic and professional goals.


Oritz Family Scholarship

Desiree Ortiz is a longtime IVC employee who is also an alumna of the college. She started her higher ed journey before starting a family and continued after she became a mother. She is the first person in her immediate family to complete her bachelor’s degree. Her hope is for this scholarship to inspire others to fulfill their educational dreams regardless of the barriers they face.


Paralegal Scholarship

This scholarship assists students with good GPAs in achieving their educational goals. Paralegals are important assets to the legal services community and this scholarship was created in the hope of ensuring that financial hardship will not prevent good students from reaching their highest potential.


ROARK Accounting and Finance Scholarship

Eric Roark started his work in higher education at a community college in California. He went on to earn a bachelor’s degree and ultimately became a CPA. Eric wants to support other students who are working toward a similar goal.

Robert Melendez Senior Memorial Scholarship

During his life, Robert Melendez Senior dedicated himself to all with open arms, no judgment, and the biggest smile. This scholarship was developed to honor his memory and as a way to continue his legacy of helping others. The annual scholarship in his name will provide financial assistance to students who are obtaining a career education certificate or associate degree. Robert’s legacy of generosity and putting others' needs before his own will be memorialized through the recipient of this scholarship.


Saddleback Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students with financial need who have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and demonstrate community or campus service.

SOCCCD Faculty Association Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student who intends to pursue a career in education.

Sociology Student Scholarship

Faculty member Liz Burkhalter established this scholarship to support sociology students during their educational journeys. She hopes that those who receive the scholarship will be inspired to continue their study of the subject and find a meaningful career in the field.

Steve Grant Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship awards either a continuing or transferring student who is actively participating as a member of the Irvine Valley College Circle K Club.


Te’Veannah Smith Advocacy and Social Justice Scholarship

This scholarship honors the memory of former student and ASIVC President Te'Veannah "Te" Smith. Te not only worked incredibly hard to overcome enormous systemic barriers herself, but worked to draw attention to systemic barriers and to advocate for other struggling students. This scholarship recognizes a student who shares Te's passion for making the world a better place for everyone, especially folks who struggle against social barriers to success.

The Merced Family Scholarship

The Merced family is an agricultural family from Puerto Rico. Agricultural workers have an invaluable place in our society. For those who work every day to provide America with food, this scholarship is to honor you, your families, and your children.

The Raquel Merced Foundation Scholarship

Raquel Merced was a loving mother and grandmother who worked tirelessly to take care of her family. Raquel was born in Puerto Rico and never finished elementary school in order to work to help her family. After her husband’s death, she raised four children as a single mom and on a small pension. She purchased a piece of farmland in Puerto Rico, and built a humble family home. Despite all of the demands, she never missed an opportunity to help her community and never turned away a person who needed help. Her wise choices allowed her family to always have a safe home to come to and a place where the Merced family could always gather. Raquel’s legacy of generosity to others and in service to her community will be memorialized through the recipient of this scholarship.

The Tammy Livingstone For the Love of Molly Cakes Scholarship

This scholarship was created in honor of IVC alumna and her beloved mother (Aline E. Dodson) whose wisdom and encouragement continually provided strength to Tammy while pursuing her professional career goals and higher educational endeavors. It’s a “shout out” to all the Molly Cakes out there who give unconditional love, and strength to their son/daughter every day beyond measure.

Theta Kappa Kappa Scholarship

This scholarship was founded in 2023 in Memory of Kara Miklaus. Kara began working at the age of 12 taking odd jobs as a babysitter, lawnmower, lifeguard, snack-bar attendant, and anything that paid. She was also a saver. Together with scholarships like this one, Kara’s savings allowed her to self-fund her own bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Kara was a lifelong learner and hard-work enthusiast. So much so that she continued her post-graduate training with five separate professional certifications in different disciplines, and then co-founded a company that she appropriately named: WORK. She was the epitome of grit, determination, character, and virtue. Kara was a devoted wife, an incredible mother, a successful business owner, and an inspiring community leader. It is our great honor to present this scholarship to a student in her memory so that her legacy might live on in all of their wonderful scholastic and creative achievements.

Tricia Stewart Scholarship

Tricia Stewart loved to travel and to share information with anyone she met. She took as many trips as she could and never hesitated to bring what she learned back home to everyone. Traveling was about new experiences and exploring new cultures. Each new country and city brought new pictures and sounds to share with others. The world was her oyster. Phillip George established this scholarship in her memory and hopes that the recipient will carry on her love for adventures.

Trustee Inmon Guardian Scholarship at IVC

As a teacher, Trustee Inmon understands the importance of minimizing barriers students face as they strive to achieve their academic goals. This scholarship is allocated to students who spent time in the foster system due to their unique and challenging circumstances. She wants to be sure they know someone believes in their dreams and is supporting them.


Veterans Scholarship

IVC is proud to have an active and large population of veteran students. This scholarship was established by contributors who wanted to honor and thank those who served our country.


Waltmar Foundation Scholarship

The Waltmar family understands the incredible impact that community colleges have on their students. They are investing in the education of IVC and our community.

William and Betty Jo Woollett Scholarship

William and Betty Jo Woollett both served on the IVC Foundation Board of Governors. Through their volunteerism, they learned a tremendous amount about the educational opportunities available to IVC students. Their grandchildren had the opportunity to take the courses at IVC that allowed them to advance to the university of their choice to complete their education.

Women Warriors Leadership Scholarship

As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and an educator who conducted research on student veterans for her dissertation, Martha McDonald knows that, while the GI Bill is extremely helpful in funding student veterans’ educations, the funds are not enough to live on. In order to minimize the financial burden of attending college, she created a scholarship to support students who are veterans. She recognizes that they transitioned from being warriors in the military to being student warriors.