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Adam Malnove Memorial Psi Beta Endowed Scholarship

Adam Malnove was president of the Psi Beta Chapter at IVC from 2008– 09. He set an example for others through his leadership, research, service, and scholarship. Adam passed away unexpectedly in 2017. The Adam Malnove Memorial Award is how our Psi Beta chapter acknowledges IVC's most outstanding psychology student(s) each year.

Alvin M. Lang Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a full- time student majoring in business marketing with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

ASIVC Osher Endowed Scholarship

In May 2008, the Bernard Osher Foundation made a historic gift of $25 million to the California Community College system to provide matching funds to encourage community colleges to create endowed scholarships for their students. ASIVC leaders saw this as a unique opportunity to create a scholarship that would support IVC students in perpetuity and they took advantage of it. This group set a wonderful example of students supporting each other.

Assistance League of Irvine Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student with financial need who has a minimum GPA of 2.5 and is taking nine units or more. Preference may be given to students who are one-parent families, re-entry students, or foster youth.

Associated Geology Student of IVC Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was founded many years ago by IVC science faculty who wanted to encourage students to take geology classes. By focusing their studies on this major, students would gain a deeper understanding of the science that deals with the earth's physical structure and substance, its history, and the processes that act on it.

AT&T Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial assistance to a qualified student with a minimum GPA of 3.0 who intends to transfer to a four-year program.

Award for STEM Excellence - ASTEME

Roopa and Prabodh Mathur are both lifelong engineers who understand the dedication and grit required to excel in STEM careers. To pass along their passion for this field, they created the Award for STEM Excellence (ASTEME) to support students who are dedicated to lifelong learning and mission-driven innovation. As an IVC professor herself, Roopa Mathur is grateful to make this award available to hardworking students pursuing STEM majors.


Barbara and Christopher Riegle Endowed Scholarship

This endowed scholarship is awarded to an IVC student pursuing a nursing career. Preference is given to a second-year student or a student transferring to a nursing program.

Beep Colclough Endowed Scholarship

Beep Colclough spent her entire career working at IVC. During her time with the college, she played a large role in students' academic journeys. Her husband John heard and saw how much these experiences meant to Beep. After retiring, they decided that in order to continue this work in perpetuity, they would establish an endowed scholarship.

Brendan Jundanian Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Brendan Jundanian was a founding faculty member at IVC. His intense curiosity about the world fueled his obsession with international affairs and diplomacy and his love of travel and foreign languages. This scholarship, established in his memory, ensures that his passion for global citizenship will endure.


Carol and Bob Warsaw Family Endowed Scholarship

Carol and Bob Warsaw started this scholarship to support students who were struggling against all odds to achieve their educational goals. Carol has been a member of Charter 100 for a number of years. She saw the wonderful successes the scholarship recipients achieved and was inspired to expand that support with a newly endowed scholarship. Together, Carol and Bob understand the impact and value of higher education and they want to reduce the financial barrier that is often the reason students do not pursue their academic dreams.

Cesar Chavez Endowed Scholarship

Frank Marmolejo, retired IVC faculty member, understands the unique challenges that first-generation Latinx students face. He started this scholarship as a way to support and encourage students from similar backgrounds to pursue their academic dreams.

Charter 100 Countess Pease Jeffries Endowed Scholarship

Countess Pease Jeffries was a very special and very accomplished member of Charter 100. Amongst her many achievements, Countess earned her BS at Howard University, her MBA at NYU, and finally her JD at Harvard University. She was generous and lived her life to the fullest. She relished the early days of Charter 100's support of IVC's CARE students. The members of Charter 100 established this endowment in her memory as a fitting tribute to the exceptional life she lived.

Charter 100 Dina and Aron Kagan Endowed Scholarship

Dina and Aron Kagan were the parents of Charter 100 member Cecilia Goodman. While she was growing up, Cecilia’s parents stressed the importance of education. She established this endowment in memory of her parents and to carry on the work of investing in education.

Charter 100 Dr. Ellie T Soltani Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Parisa Soltani established this scholarship in memory of her mother, Dr. Ellie T. Soltani. Throughout her life, Parisa’s mother taught her the lesson that education was one of the best ways to help and support personal goals. By establishing this scholarship, Parisa hopes to pass this lesson on to the single parents and foster youth who receive the scholarship.

Charter 100 Jana Hackett Endowed Scholarship

When longtime friend Jana Hackett passed away, her friends and family established this endowed scholarship as a memorial to her incredible life.

Charter 100 Marilyn Foreman Endowed Scholarship

Marilyn Foreman was a longtime member of Charter 100 and a champion for women, both in education and business. Completing only one year of college as an art major in the 1940s, she overcame incredible odds, eventually taking over the family medical manufacturing business at age 58 and making it profitable. When she passed away at 73, the women of Charter 100 contributed to start this scholarship that bears her name.

Charter 100 Mary Turner Endowed Scholarship

Mary Turner was a longtime Charter 100 member who knew the scholarships the club provided to single parents made a significant impact on their educational journeys and ultimately their lives. When Mary passed away, the members of Charter 100 started an endowed scholarship to honor her memory and her commitment to IVC students.

Charter 100 Osher Endowed Scholarship

Charter 100 of Orange County has supported IVC students since 1996. They firmly believe that education is a pathway to opportunity, empowerment and independence and have made the support of IVC students their primary mission.

Charter 100 Ray and Gladys Williams Endowed Scholarship

Ray and Gladys Williams were children of farmers in Michigan. While Gladys pursued nursing, Ray built a career in the banking world. They encouraged their four children to give back to the community and would encourage the recipients of this award to work hard and be proud of who they are and what they have accomplished in life. Ray and Gladys would be so proud to have this endowment named in their honor.

Charter 100 Sandi Mitchell Endowed Scholarship

Helping women and girls reach their potential is something that Sandi Mitchell strongly believes in. She demonstrated her passion by being a member of Charter 100 and contributing to organizations that work toward this goal.

Chris L.C. Lee Creativity and Academic Scholarship

The Chris L.C. Lee Creativity and Academic Scholarship was established by Dr. Cathleen Greiner and members of Exchange Club of Irvine, and supported by Chris Lee's parents. It is to honor Chris's life and his passion for music. Chris Lee was an alumnus of IVC and a former testing proctor in the campus testing center.

CSM Edward Harrel, USA, (Ret.) and Mieko Harrel Endowed Scholarship

Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Edward Harrel, USA, (Ret.) and Mieko I. Harrel were dedicated and generous advocates for the people and values of our Irvine community. Mieko “Miki” Harrel was a very active Irvine volunteer during her 37 years of calling Irvine home after moving around the world in support of Edward’s military career. Miki’s life was touched by a number of IVC students both as a student herself and through her community involvement. Through her will, she established this scholarship to give back to the college that had a positive impact on their lives and is such an important part of our local community. The scholarship is awarded to a veteran, or child/grandchild of a veteran, to honor her husband, whose career spanned 33 years in the military; he honorably served in both the U.S. Navy and Army.

Cyndy McElyea Endowed Scholarship

Cyndy McElyea was a beloved member of the classified staff at IVC. In addition to doing her job well, she went out of her way to nurture and care for our students. When she passed away, at the young age of 38, the campus community came together to endow a scholarship to ensure that Cyndy’s passion for supporting students would go on in perpetuity.


Dawn Pickering Celebration Endowed Scholarship

Dawn Pickering was born and raised in Orange County. After graduating from Santa Ana High School, she continued her education at UCI where she earned a bachelor’s degree in dance. She spent a large part of her adult life traveling the world as a professional dancer. Back in the states, she was part of the Solid Gold Las Vegas show. Dawn joined the IVC Family in January 2013 and immediately embraced her work and all that IVC stood for. Her career at IVC lasted nearly 10 years and was cut short when Dawn passed away after a four-year battle with cancer in March of 2023. Dawn is remembered as an individual who was incredibly organized and brought a special touch to everything she did. Her passion for her job, attention to detail and love for IVC students was evident to everyone who interacted with her. Her colleagues, family and friends created this scholarship as a legacy for the woman who brought light, laughter, and celebrations to IVC.

Dr. Donald L. & Sandra F. Rickner Endowed Scholarship

Don and Sandy Rickner helped found and grow IVC through its first nearly twenty years, from 1982 until 2000. They were and are dedicated to the mission of IVC including the crucial role scholarship support plays in the lives and success of IVC students. This was an integral part of their time at IVC as Don was the founding Executive Director of the Foundation.

Dr. Shungnak L. and Ruth L. Kim Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to liberal arts majors with a minimum GPA of 3.0 who are involved with or are in support of Korean American culture or programs.

Dr. Stephen Rochford Endowed Music Scholarship

This scholarship was created to honor Dr. Stephen Rochford’s lifelong impact on the Music Department at IVC. During the 27 years that Dr. Rochford taught at IVC, he interacted with hundreds of music students. Most developed a lifelong passion for music, some went on to have careers as professional musicians, and others followed in his footsteps as music teachers. Not only did he impact a large number of students, but he also knew that to build and maintain the quality of the program he would need to secure funds from outside sources and, through this, became an excellent fundraiser. Through his efforts, and those who followed in his footsteps, the department now has the largest endowment on campus.

Dr. Xiaoqing Chen and Dr. Gary Rybold Endowment for Excellence in Communication

Dr. Gary Rybold taught and coached in the Communication Studies Department at IVC for 30 years. During his tenure, he coached the IVC Speech and Debate team to 18 national championships. Dr. Xiaoqing Chen was a debate coach in the People’s Republic of China when Dr. Rybold had a sabbatical to teach in Xi’an. They fell in love and were married in 2001. This U.S./China connection extended to educational opportunities with over 130 IVC students and faculty participating in debate activities in China. Both Gary and Xiaoqing did their doctoral research in China.

Drs. William and Barbara Jay District Trustees Endowed Scholarship

William Jay, Ed.D. spent most of his educational career at SOCCCD. He held many administrative of fices including president of Saddleback College, vice chancellor of human resources, and math faculty member. After retiring, he was a trustee for ten years before his passing. His wife Barbara Jay, D.D.S., was selected and then elected to take his place as a trustee. This scholarship was started to carry on their work of supporting community college students.

Dwight Collins Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Dwight Collins enjoyed a fulfilling career teaching computer science at IVC. He loved teaching and supporting IVC students along their educational journeys. As one of the faculty who joined the college in the early 1980s, he also helped set the cornerstones which enabled the college to grow into what it is today.


Eric Harris Memorial Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was founded by Administration of Justice/XTE students and the parents of Eric Harris. The selected student must be a member of both XTE (Chi Tau Epsilon) and the Criminal Justice Association (Lambda Alpha Epsilon) and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.


Fawn Tanriverdi Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Fawn’s colleagues, family, and friends to celebrate her retirement from IVC. Fawn dedicated her career to helping low-income IVC students in their quest for an education. This scholarship will ensure that the legacy of her work goes on in perpetuity.


George Edward Smith Memorial Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship was established in memory of George Edward Smith by his friends and family. It was the first endowed scholarship at IVC and therefore not only provides support to students in perpetuity, but also set an example for others who were interested in creating endowments.

Grace Everett Fulkerson Endowed Scholarship

Grace Everett Fulkerson was Betty Everett's mother-in-law. Her life ended much too early. She was a great supporter of women—smart, determined, independent women. She would have loved the Charter 100 scholars supported by this scholarship, which was sponsored and named in her honor by Betty.

Grace Kim Everett Endowed Scholarship

Following a 27-year career as a teacher in the Newport Mesa Unified School District, Grace Kim Everett turned to the art of glass fusing. She had learned this craft from several outstanding glass artists. Working out of her garage studio in Irvine, California, she created many interesting pieces and displayed and sold them at local craft fairs. In addition to her glasswork, she was a wife, mom, good friend, and neighbor, as well as an accomplished motorcyclist. She passed away in 2017.

Guidance and Counseling at IVC Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who are transferring to a four-year university. Students must qualify for exemption from out-of-state tuition, according to the regulations of California state law AB 540, and must have completed 30 transferable units with a minimum GPA of 3.0 at IVC.


Hewitt-Capaldi Osher Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to a second year student who is a single parent or entering college at least two years after graduating from high school.


Iman Khosrowpour Endowed Scholarship

Iman Khosrowpour was an adjunct professor of applied violin and viola and a broad variety of music classes, as well as conductor of the IVC Symphony Orchestra for ten years. His teaching challenged and inspired students to become the best musicians possible and to recognize the value of music to the community. This scholarship was established by Iman’s family, friends, and colleagues in honor of the incredible impact he had on his students.

IVC Classified Senate Endowed Scholarship

Classified professionals proudly come together every year to organize fundraising activities in order to provide funds to help students. Recipients are selected by the Classified Senate Scholarship Committee and are awarded to a full-time continuing student who is self-supporting, demonstrates community or college involvement, and has a minimum GPA of 3.0.

IVC Faculty Osher Endowed Scholarship

IVC faculty created this scholarship to provide the students they teach with the financial resources they need to succeed.

IVC Student Alumni Osher Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a continuing IVC student who is in good academic standing.


Jack Scudder Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a deserving men's soccer player who will be transferring to a four-year college.

Jeanne Egasse Endowed Scholarship

Jeanne Egasse taught Spanish at IVC for 40 years. During her tenure, she often met students with incredible potential who could not continue to pursue their academic dreams due to financial difficulty. Upon her retirement, with the support of her friends and family, Jeanne established an endowed scholarship to support students along their educational journeys.

Jenny Richards Memorial Endowed Vocal Music Scholarship

Jenny Richards attended IVC as a music major. She completed her associate of arts degree, studying voice and singing in the IVC Masterworks Chorale. Jenny was well known in the Orange County musical community as a singer/ composer/guitarist who performed regularly in the area. Her father, Rusty Richards, was one of the original Sons of the Pioneers with Roy Rogers in the 1950s. Cancer took Jenny's life but her many contributions to student life at IVC will always be remembered, along with her beautiful voice and her great smile. The endowed scholarship in her name is a discipline- specific scholarship for IVC voice music majors who have demonstrated musical excellence in their voice studies and performance as well as in their music courses.

John Schneiderman Endowed Guitar Scholarship

John Schneiderman taught applied guitar in the district, mostly at IVC, for more than 30 years. He is a critically acclaimed virtuoso of plucked instruments, specializing in the performance practice and repertoire of eighteenth-century lutes and nineteenth-century guitars. He encouraged his students to undertake their work with discipline and serious effort, regardless of the individual professions they may have chosen. He is an inspiration to his students and a wonderful colleague who will be remembered through this discipline- specific scholarship for current or incoming first-year IVC Instrumental Music majors, with a declared emphasis in guitar, who have demonstrated musical excellence in their performance.

Joseph Hewitt Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Bill and Pam Hewitt established this scholarship in memory of Bill’s younger brother, Joseph Hewitt. They chose to award this scholarship to a business or human services major because of the commitment Joseph made to helping others in his pursuit of a career in business.


Kari Tucker and Jerry Rudmann Psychology Department Student Research Award Endowment

Kari Tucker and Jerry Rudmann have both dedicated their careers to teaching psychology. They started this award to acknowledge students who are active in the Psychology Department. Students must engage in psychology-related research that culminates in an APA-formatted paper, which will be or has been presented at a local or regional conference.

Katherine Brady Clarinet Endowment

After playing clarinet in the IVC Wind Symphony for over 10 years, Katherine Brady started this scholarship to support and encourage her fellow musicians. Her passion for music and the IVC experience is one that she hopes will continue to be appreciated by students.

Kirk C. Gorrie Memorial Endowed Scholarship

In memory of former English Department faculty member Kirk C. Gorrie, this scholarship is for those who take specific classes in English at IVC. This award was established by Kirk's parents, Clayton and Trula Gorrie, and his siblings. It honors Kirk’s decade of teaching writing at IVC, and assists students who have completed (or are near completion of) the writing sequence.


Lillian V. Chandos Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Established in memory of Lillian V. Chandos to assist a student pursuing a pre-med or nursing career, and who plans to work with elderly patients.

Lloyd and Lauretta Dyer Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Joan Woodard worked for the IVC Foundation in the 1990s. During that time, she met countless students who were working toward achieving their academic dreams but struggling financially. She knew that scholarships made a difference and established this scholarship in memory of her loving parents, Lloyd and Lauretta Dyer, to help ease the challenges that single parents face as they travel through their educational journeys.


Marie de la Palme Memorial Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was created to honor and memorialize former dance faculty member Marie de la Palme, who founded IVC’s Performing Dance Ensemble. In 2012, “Madame de la Palme,” as she was called by her students, was chosen as Full-time Teacher of the Year. She was known as a wonderful colleague and a generous and radiant presence in the classroom, on the stage, and in the world. She is survived by her husband, son and daughter, and her legions of students and colleagues.

Maxwell Family Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was created by Helen and Peter Maxwell because they believe in the community college system. They wanted to ensure that financial barriers do not inhibit promising veteran students from achieving their goals.

Maxwell Guardian Scholar Endowed Scholarship

Guardian Scholars are exceptional for their ambition and determination to earn a college degree despite the difficulties and disappointments they have been handed in life. Peter and Helen Maxwell established a scholarship to help them reach their goals and have access to the resources necessary to fulfill their dreams.

Mikel Bistany Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Mikel Bistany was a physical education instructor at IVC and a champion for IVC students with disabilities. In addition to teaching an adapted physical education class, he created and facilitated weekend tournaments for wheelchair tennis and basketball. He is remembered for his wonderful sense of humor and for being extraordinarily student-focused. Friends, family, and colleagues contributed funds over a number of years to ensure that Mikel’s support for students with disabilities went on in perpetuity.


Nancy Lent Petersen Logan Osher Endowed Scholarship

Nancy Lent Petersen Logan was a lovely soul, a single mom, who worked in the inner city of Santa Ana for many years. She was lucky to be well-educated when many women were not afforded that opportunity. Majoring in early childhood development, she always believed education was a privilege, yet completely attainable to those who worked at it. She would have been very touched by the gift of this endowment, established by her family.

Nicole Joy Ledina Memorial Endowment Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Nicole’s family, friends, classmates, mentors, and teachers to honor her positive spirit and beautiful soul. They hope to honor Nicole’s legacy of giving joy and a commitment to making meaningful and purposeful connections each and every day.


Oransky Mirkin Families Endowed Scholarship

Growing up, Elissa and Andrew Oransky were surrounded by their families' passion for and generations-long dedication to education. They started this scholarship to turn the passion into a legacy and to acknowledge Elissa's love for IVC.

Osher Endowed Scholarships

In 2008, the Bernard Osher Foundation made the largest gift ever to the California community college system: $50 million, with a challenge to California’s community college foundations to match the gift. The Osher scholarships are for students who have received the California College Promise Grant (formerly Board of Governors Fee Waiver) and have completed at least 24 units of college-level coursework.


Raffa Family Endowed Scholarship

Rick and Candy were both, at one time, single parents and understand the importance of education in achieving the success necessary to raise a family. Their intention is to provide opportunities for single parents to continue to move forward to achieve their goals.

Ragini and Mohan Kulkarni Endowed Scholarship

Education is the best way to change your future. Great sacrifices were made by the donors' parents to ensure that their children received a very good education. By providing this scholarship, the donors would like to empower students to access a quality education.

Robert and Diane Cassens Memorial Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was created by Robert's and Diane’s children to honor their dedication to community college education. Robert, a former Marine, lived a life dedicated to music and business. Diane dedicated her career to promoting student success.


The Lyle and Ethel Davis Osher Endowed Scholarship

For many reasons, neither Lyle nor Ethel had the opportunity to go to college. However, their 11 children were raised knowing that college was not an option but mandatory. They understood the power of education and wanted what was best for their children. Proudly, all 11 children had the chance for a college degree. Upon her parents' death, with the help of Charter 100, Julie decided she wanted to honor them with an endowment that would continue to provide scholarships in perpetuity. Hopefully the individuals who receive their scholarship will remember Lyle and Ethel and experience the hope they had for their own children. Lyle and Ethel would be proud.

The Nick Tucker Psychology Department Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to students who demonstrate a commitment to education and community. This scholarship is a tribute to Nick Tucker, late husband of IVC psychology professor Kari Tucker, and is presented in Nick’s memory to a re-entry student or a student who is among the first in their family to attend college.

Tonya Reed Gardner Memorial Endowed Music Scholarship

Tonya Reed Gardner was a music major at IVC when she passed away in an automobile accident in April 1993. Because Tonya was a very caring and giving person, the Gardner family, along with the Music Department established an endowed scholarship in her name. Each year, this endowment provides the opportunity for Tonya to be remembered with the awarding of a scholarship to IVC music majors who have demonstrated musical excellence in their instrument or voice studies and performance, as well as in their music courses.

Tracy D. Terrell Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship is in honor of Dr. Tracy David Terrell, professor, researcher, author, mentor, and language enthusiast par excellence. Dr. Terrell received his Ph.D. in linguistics from The University of Texas at Austin and came to UC Irvine in 1970, where he taught linguistics and directed the first-year Spanish program, training teaching assistants in language teaching practices. He conducted pioneering research in the area of Caribbean Spanish sociolinguistics and is best known as the originator of the Natural Approach for the teaching of languages, an approach that has gained wide acceptance in the world of foreign language and ESL instruction. Dr. Terrell collaborated with other professors to write several language textbooks: Dos mundos, Deux mondes, and Kontake, the latter two are still used in many universities. Dos mundos was used to teach Spanish at IVC for many years. In 2013, this textbook received a makeover in its modern version, Tu mundo, a text for the 21st century but still deeply rooted in the core principles of Natural Approach. Dr. Terrell’s influence is still felt at IVC, where his mentee and coauthor on Dos mundos, Jeanne Egasse, was the founding faculty member, hired in 1980 to direct the developing language program. Dr. Terrell will always be remembered as a warm, energetic, creative, articulate, and generous spirit who treated students with the same respect as fellow published scholars. This visionary educator’s life was cut short by a terminal illness in 1992. Those who knew Dr. Terrell and those who are still influenced by his revolutionary approach to teaching languages, honor his contributions with this scholarship for students majoring in languages at IVC.


Volunteers of Hoag Hospital Irvine Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to a student with financial need who has a minimum GPA of 3.0 and is enrolled in a course of study in the health or ancillary professions.


Wyoma Hamilton Osher Endowed Scholarship

Wyoma Hamilton was the mother of Fawn Tanriverdi, longtime EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs counselor at IVC. Wyoma was a single mom who worked her entire adult life in service to people with disabilities, intimately knowing their struggles because she too was challenged by lifelong rheumatoid arthritis. She had a strong sense of ethics and valued education as a means toward upward mobility. She would be very grateful to the friends, colleagues, and members of Charter 100 who helped to make this endowment possible.