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To succeed in your language learning journey, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I…

  • attend class regularly?
  • take handwritten notes on the vocabulary and grammar presented?
  • study those notes?
  • review material immediately before or after class?
  • use mnemonic devices to remember vocabulary words?
  • guess the meaning of new words before looking them up?
  • use new vocabulary as soon as I can?
  • study with a friend?
  • make and use flash cards?
  • complete all assignments?
  • review corrected essays?
  • highlight my textbook or e-book?
  • make notes in my textbooks or e-book?
  • participate voluntarily in class?
  • to the best of my ability, use the language in all in-class group and paired activities?
  • try to speak spontaneously instead of translating everything in my head?
  • practice speaking by myself?
  • meet native speakers and practice speaking with them?
  • learn about the culture of the language I’m learning?
  • watch TV and videos on the language?
  • do some outside reading: newspaper, magazines, children’s stories, etc.?
  • ask for help from my instructor?
  • get tutoring help in the Student Success Center or some other venue?