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Welcome to the IVC Spanish Department!

The Spanish Department at Irvine Valley College invites you to become a part of our dynamic and interactive Spanish program. All of our classes are conducted in Spanish. Our professors are highly skilled at using images, objects, and sound effects to convey meaning without using English and utilizing music, games and pair or group activities to practice and review Spanish vocabulary. The only way to gain fluency in Spanish is to be surrounded by the sounds of the language and given many opportunities to both hear and speak it!

The emphasis in Spanish 1 and 2 is on learning to understand native spoken and written Spanish and to express yourself in basic situations. In Spanish 3 and 4 spoken Spanish continues to be a focus as more detailed grammar and more complex reading materials are presented. Spanish 10 is a second year course with a focus on conversation. This course uses music, news media and film to enhance student appreciation of Hispanic culture and sharpen speaking skills.

For information on prerequisites, textbooks, and credit by exam, visit the page FAQs page.