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  • International Business: Marketing Specialist, Import/Export Specialist, Multinational Corporation Administrator, or Public Information Officer 
  • Health Care:  EMT, Nurse, Doctor, Physician’s Assistant, Psychologist, or Hospital Administrator 
  • National Security: Foreign Service Officer, Linguist for FBI, CIA, or NSA 
  • Law Enforcement:  Police Officer, 911 Telecommunicator, Public Relations, or Special Agent 
  • Translation and Interpretation: Court or Medical Interpreter, Subtitle and Voice Overs, or Translator 
  • Travel, Tourism and Hospitality:  Hotel Manager, Event Planner, Travel Agent, Airline Officer/Staff, or Tour Operator 
  • Education:  Language Instructor, Bilingual Special Education Teacher, Speech Pathologist, or School Administrator 
  • International Development: Peace Corps Volunteer, NGO Manager, or International Organization Administrator
  • Communication/Advertising: Broadcaster, publisher, editor, journalist, religious minister or politician

Additional websites with career information

  • Linguistic Society of America (LSA) – Professional Paths
  • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) - Using Languages in Your Career
  • University of WisconsinLanguages and Careers presents stories of students who studied languages and shows how their language knowledge made an impact in their lives and career choice.