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Honors Counseling is an integral part of being an Honors Program member, and is available to help you set goals and prepare for a smooth transition to a four-year institution. Meeting with an Honors Counselor is recommended at least once per semester. Here is just some of what you can expect when seeking Honors Counseling:

  • Learn about how to join the program and how to qualify
  • Get acquainted with the transfer benefits associated with the program
  • Create an online academic plan that includes courses needed for each major and university you want to apply to
  • Get support with personal, career, and academic issues such as questions about withdrawing from a class, choosing and/or changing majors, time management, coping with stress, and more
  • Determine what credit you've already earned (Advanced Placement, High School language, prior college coursework, etc.)
  • Get advice on what extracurricular activities can help you be more competitive for admission and scholarships
  • Learn about the application process for UC, CSU, private, and out-of-state universities and get feedback on application essays

Honors Counseling is available as 1/2-hour scheduled appointments and 10-minute drop-in sessions without an appointment. The Honors Program counselors’ offices are located in the Counseling Center, on the second floor of the Student Services Center (SSC 210). To schedule an appointment, please contact the Counseling Office for availability at 949-451-5319, or stop by SSC 210.

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IVC Counseling Center: 949-451-5319

Michelle Minkler | Counselor, Honors Program

Marcella Hernandez | Counselor, Honors Program

Brad Conrad | Counselor, Honors Program