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For High School Juniors

  • May 31: Early Decision Application Deadline

For High School Seniors

  • November 15: Priority Application Deadline
  • April 30: Final Application Deadline
  • July 1: Late Application Date (Late Applications only considered if there is room in the cohort)

Space in the annual GAP4+1 cohort is limited. Students who meet the qualifications are accepted on a first-come, first-admitted basis. It is best to get your application in early.

The early decision application deadline for Juniors is midnight on the last day of May. If you meet this deadline, you will have additional time to reassess in English or math if your first placement does not meet the required minimum.

The GAP4+1 program requires students to be ready for Math 11 and WR1 upon graduation from high school. The WR1 and Math 11-ready requirements are determined by our counselor after reviewing the applicant’s AP scores and/or transcripts for overall GPAs including English and higher level math classes, such as Algebra 2, Trig, Pre-Calc, Calculus. To be ready for the rigors of the GAP4+1 program, we strongly suggest students take math classes throughout their senior year. If you have academic questions, contact our GAP4+1 Counselor .