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To complete your application for the GAP4+1 Program, follow these steps:

  1. Apply to IVC and get a student ID number (it’s free).
  2. Complete the GAP4+1 application.
  3. Request for a letter of recommendation from your high school instructor or high school counselor; they can email their letter directly to the GAP4+1 Sr. Administrative Assistant.
  4. Obtain your unofficial high school transcripts as a PDF. The unofficial transcript looks like the official transcript minus the seal and signature. Your unofficial transcript must include your enrolled classes plus non-weighted total cumulative GPA. Please contact your high school counselor if you need help requesting your unofficial transcript.
  5. Complete a personal statement per directions on the program application. This statement should be no longer than one page in length.
  6. Email the PDF application, letter of recommendation, unofficial high school transcripts and personal statement to the GAP4+1 Sr. Administrative Assistant Once you have submitted these documents, you will receive an acknowledgement from us within five (5) business days. If you do not receive the acknowledgement, please resubmit.

If you have any questions regarding the field of accounting or our curriculum, please email the Program Director with your questions.