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The GAP 4+1 program has demonstrably succeeded in securing internships and full-time positions for its students, as evident from the remarkable statistics. Alongside these numerical insights, the heartfelt testimonials from former participants further illuminate the multifaceted benefits of the program. From career development and industry exposure to personal growth and community building, GAP4+1 has left a profound and lasting impact on the lives and futures of its students. Such achievements are not only quantifiable through data but also resonant in the personal experiences and growth of those who have taken part in the program. Please review the attached spreadsheet for more detailed insights, and feel free to reach out if you would like any further analysis or specific insights.

GAP (4+1) is a one stop shop for success. I secured a series of coveted internship opportunities, all while getting a top-notch education. Upon graduation, I was able to land a full-time position within the audit and assurance practice at Ernst & Young, a distinguished member of the Big Four. While in the program, I was able to get a first-class education that was not just limited to accounting. I was able to learn about data analytics, and sharpen my Microsoft Excel skills. Enrolling in the GAP (4+1) program was the greatest decision that I have ever made.

Travis Ha
Ernst & Young

The GAP4+1 program at IVC has been a game-changer for my academic and professional journey. Through this exceptional program, I secured two valuable internships during my early college years and benefited from having exclusive classes reserved for program participants at IVC and CSUF. This unparalleled support has allowed me to thrive both academically and personally. The internship experience provided me with practical skills and real-world exposure, while the reserved classes at CSUF ensured a seamless transfer and a focused learning environment. Thanks to GAP4+1, I have gained a competitive edge and the confidence to pursue my passion for Computer Science. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity, and it has undoubtedly set me on a path toward a successful and fulfilling future.

Samra Karimi

GAP4+1 provided the education and opportunity for me to secure six internships during my time in school across the accounting spectrum. I have been able to build a meaningful career in management consulting as a result of the education, workshops, and networking.

Jacob Nava

The GAP 4 + 1 Program did a great job in teaching me about the opportunities in the accounting industry, exposing us to many accounting firms (including Big 4), and providing us workshops on the best ways to secure internship opportunities. By taking advantage of these opportunities provided by the GAP program, I was able to secure an internship from Crowe and Ernst and Young

Jack Roberts

The GAP4+1 program not only provided invaluable networking opportunities and exposure, but gave me a close group of friends to face the challenges of school and recruiting.

Owen Furlong