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Irvine Valley College has one of the most extensive inventories of specialized fitness equipment in Southern California.


Partial body weight support for treadmill

This extraordinary device allows students to push their limits and improve their quality of walking. The harness takes up part of the body weight making it easier for a student to walk or in some cases run. The treadmill starts out at a very slow speed so even non-ambulatory students with some volitional control of their lower extremities can work on walking in a safe, fall-free environment.

Primary Uses

  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Joint Rehabilitation
  • Post-joint replacement surgery
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Post-polio
  • Other mobility-limiting conditions
  • Sport injury rehabilitation

NuStep Recumbent Trainer

The reclining seat, rotating hand grips and Flex-Foot System makes these trainers one of the most accessible , effective and adaptive cross trainers.  Its total body design and wide range of resistance allows for a low-impact, full body cardio and strength workout.  It also includes adaptive accessories such as leg stabilizers. 

Primary Uses

  • Joint Replacement
  • Orthopedic Injury Recovery
  • Cardiac Injury Recovery
  • Stroke Recovery
  • Athletic Training -Isokinetic mode for interval and strength training
  • Mobility Strengthening

ScitFit Total Body Ergometer

The total body ergometer provides all the benefits of the recumbent stepper. Instead of providing graduated resistance levels in a back and forth motion, the SciFit ergometer provides resistance in a circular motion.  Both SciFit pieces of equipment link with Polar heart rate monitor so that users can monitor their progress.

Primary Uses

  • Rehabilitation after surgery/injury
  • Spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis or other conditions by providing aerobic and strengthening workouts in a wide range of work levels.

Magnum Resistance Trainer

Wheelchair accessible resistance training that allows users to perform lat pull-down, chest press, rows, bicep curl, etc.

Upper Extremity Ergometer

Excellent way for students to get a cardiovascular workout. Especially those with limited movement in their lower extremities and those who do not have the option to use a treadmill or stationary bike. Works to strengthen upper body as well.

Easy Stand 5000

This assisted standing frame allows students in wheelchair to receive benefits of upright posture including increased bone mineral density, maintains optimal range of motion in all major joints of the lower extremity, increased extension of the spine, and promotes optimal hemodynamics with change of position.

Easy Stand Glider

This assisted standing frame allows students with limited to no volitional control of their lower extremities to move their legs in a cross country skiing motion. Reap all the benefits of upright positioning while also getting an upper body and cardiovascular workout.


Similar to upper extremity ergometer in that it provides both a cardiovascular and upper body strengthening workout. Many students in wheelchairs who suffer from chronic shoulder pain report that the VitaGlide allows them to get a good cardio workout without exacerbating any pain in their shoulders.