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(KNEA 1 course)

Enrollment in the KNEA 1 course is open to any student who may benefit from this course, and a disability is not a pre-requisite to enrollment.

Enrollment is managed online through IVC Admissions and Records.  Students must first complete the simple admissions process, but once onboard, students can use the online IVC Schedule of Classes to complete their enrollment in KNEA 1, the Adapted Kinesiology course.

Students with a documented disability (or injury) are encouraged to register  with the Disability Support Programs for Students (DSPS) office.  Prospective students will meet one-on-one with a DSPS counselor
to discuss possible accommodations which can be very beneficial to their academic success.

If a student is unsure if they qualify for accommodations or the Disabled Student Services Program, they may contact DSPS directly at (949) 451-5630.  Please see the DSPS website for all forms of accessible contact information (additional information below).

Note that any student may enroll in the KNEA 1 course.  For those with documented disabilities, there is the possibility of re-enrolling multiple times – for more information, please contact the DSPS office.

The Orange County Transit Authority (ACCESS Bus Division) provides pick up services for special needs students several times a day at Irvine Valley College.  OCTA can come directly to the student's home and provide transportation to Irvine Valley College.  Please contact the OCTA for more information.