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Academic writing courses offered for credit by the ESL Department have been designed specifically for the multilingual student who needs support with academic English to succeed in college-level work and beyond. These students should take the ESL assessment to be placed in the appropriate ESL or English class. Students also have the option to take Writing 1 (Transfer Level English) as well.

Do you know that students who finish the ESL course sequence by passing ESL 90 do very well in WR 1? In fact, 93% of these students pass WR 1 with a 3.3 average GPA!

ESL Course Sequence to Transfer Level Writing 1

Students who take the ESL assessment will be recommended to begin at one of these course levels, including WR 1. Each course is a semester-long course.

Students should not delay enrolling in the ESL academic writing courses. They will eventually need to write essays and read many academic texts in other college classes, so taking an ESL course their first semester of college to learn how to use Academic English properly before writing a 10-page paper in another college class is advised.

Lastly, some students accelerate through the ESL courses because they acquire Academic English quickly. These students are allowed to skip ESL levels. Students should enroll in their first ESL course and talk to their instructor about possible acceleration

Description of Courses

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