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Student Testimonials

I am very impressed by the kindness and patience of my teachers.


My teacher is a great mentor!


The AESL Center is great and comfortable and the staff are super nice.

Thi Lan Huong

I learned about friends from different countries and different ages. Their stories and life experiences have brought me a lot of help.


I found a lot of friends in AESL at IVC. AESL is a perfect place to start life in the U.S.A!  AESL brings joy!  Success begins here!


I have grown into a more confident mother, who can really guide my daughters in their paths of learning and growth.


AESL courses have helped me a lot, not only to improve my English, but also to help me find a job. I am very grateful to be able to take the AESL course.


I met so many people who study hard and diligently despite their age, which inspired me.