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ESL credit skills courses are a way for students to develop advanced academic English skills in specific skill areas. These courses are also appropriate for AESL students who want advanced English instruction. Students who want focused instruction in one of these skills should enroll in the skill course of their choice.

  • ESL 388 - Advanced Grammar (Fall Semester)
  • ESL 398 - Advanced Grammar (Spring Semester)
  • ESL 384 - Advanced Vocabulary Skills (Fall Semester)
  • ESL 394 - Advanced Vocabulary Skills (Spring Semester)
  • ESL 385 - Academic Reading (Fall Semester)
  • ESL 395 - Academic Reading (Spring Semester)    
  • These 3-unit courses meet twice a week for 1.5 hours or one day a week for 3 hours.
  • Students in either the AESL or ESL program can take these courses.
  • Each ESL skills course has a fall and spring section with a different course number. For example, Advanced Grammar is ESL 388 in fall and ESL 398 in spring. The course content is different for each class, so students can take both courses if they want.