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Instructional units undergo a program review process to take an introspective look at the effectiveness of the programs, identify areas for improvement, and enhance student success. A comprehensive program review process, conducted every six years, allows a department or program faculty to step back from day-to-day work, evaluate a program’s strengths and weaknesses, and develop a vision of the program for the future. It provides data to serve as evidence for analysis. It connects the program to other campus offices and committees for assistance in evaluation and planning. It allows faculty to look outside the college at curricular, resource and pedagogical issues at aspirational institutions determined by the faculty. Finally, a program review allows a department or program to request resources and professional development. Findings from the program review process are discussed in the college’s Institutional Effectiveness Committee and addressed in future planning and decision making.

Upon completion of a comprehensive program review, a program has a better idea of the direction that the program will take over the next six years.  However, it is important to review the comprehensive program review document to ensure that progress is being made on stated goals, SLO assessment is still occurring regularly, and unforeseen circumstances that change the scope of the comprehensive program review are documented.  The annual update is the mechanism for achieving this review.


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