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About Planning

Accreditation responsibilities include providing support for the self-study that is conducted every six years and the mid-term report every three years. The research department monitors the to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC). Our staff also participate on accreditation committees to provide perspective on institutional statistics and trends regarding institutional effectiveness. For detailed information on accreditation, please visit IVC's accreditation website or the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) website.

The Planning and Decision-Making Manual has been developed to promote and sustain planning, participation, and effective decision-making at Irvine Valley College. The PDM describes how all members of the college and district community are involved in the strategic planning and decision-making processes by clearly delineating the roles and responsibilities of all constituent groups as defined by law, regulation, and district and college policies and procedures.

The PDM includes college policies/procedures, committee charge charts, and organizational charts designed to promote widespread participation in strategic planning and decision-making. The PDM clearly describes the implementation of planning agendas and recommendations and takes a lead role in developing the annual report for submission describes how the college functions and identifies its relationship with district planning and decision-making. The manual is intended to serve as a living document that is regularly updated to reflect continuous improvements in the strategic planning and decision-making at Irvine Valley College.

Planning also facilitates the development of the long-term strategic plans which require assessment, evaluation, and reflection of IVC. The plans are developed with extensive collaboration and input from IVC stakeholders across the campus and from all levels of the organization. More information regarding the individual planning documents can be found using the links below.