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Throughout the academic year, many classes will meet at off- campus locations. The college will not provide transportation to these sites, and students enrolled in these classes are responsible for making their own transportation arrangements. College personnel may assist in coordinating this transportation and/or may recommend travel time, routes, carpooling, etc.; however, the student does not have to follow these recommendations. The South Orange County Community College District is in no way responsible, nor does it assume liability, for any injuries or losses resulting from this non- sponsored transportation. If you ride with another student, that student is not an agent of, nor driving on behalf of the District.

Throughout the school year, the District may sponsor voluntary field trips and excursions in which you may want to participate. Under the California Code of Regulations, if you participate in a voluntary field trip or excursion, you hold the District, its officers, agents, and employees harmless from all liability or claims that may arise out of or in connection with your participation in this activity.