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Faculty Mentors are assigned to each interest area/educational Guided Pathway at IVC so students in the cohort can meet with the designated faculty to learn more about the major, degree, career pathways, work-based learning experiences (such as internships, apprenticeships, and fellowships) that align with in-demand industry sectors or occupations.

Faculty Mentor Bios

School of Business Sciences, Carolina Kussoy: Professor Kussoy is a professor of computer information management at IVC. She received her BA from Mills College and her MBA from University of California (UC) - Irvine. Born in Queensland, Australia to Indonesian parents, she is proud to serve the AANAPI communities in her role as faculty mentor for students seeking a career in business and technology.

School of Life Sciences and Technologies, Pierre Nguyen: A professor in Life Sciences and currently serves as an advisor to the IVC Health Sciences Club and has been involved with ELEVATE programming. He is a second generation Vietnamese American, and a first-generation college student.

School of the Arts, Terry Chatkupt: Professor Chatkupt teaches Digital Media Art with an art practice (visual arts, film, and music) focused on issues of cultural difference and identity (as one of only three Thai immigrant families in a small town). Professor Chatkupt received a MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in 2004. His videos, installations, and photography have been exhibited internationally.

School of Languages and Learning Resources, Beatrice Tseng: A professor of Spanish, she was born in Taiwan but grew up in Brazil, Colombia, and Panama. Professor Tseng is a first-generation immigrant, graduating from UCLA with a BA in Spanish and Portuguese and an MA in Spanish Literature.

School of Humanities, Dr. Melissa Knoll: Dr. Knoll is a professor of English at IVC. Born in Los Angeles, Dr. Knoll identifies as a second-generation Filipinx American. She earned her Ph.D. in English at UC-Riverside, her MA and BA in English from CSU-Fullerton. Her primary areas of study are Asian American Literature, Critical Race Theory, Feminist Discourses, and Media Studies.

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Dr. Joon Kil: Teaches political science with a BA from UCLA and a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. He immigrated to the US at 12. As a first-generation immigrant, he has an intimate knowledge and experience of challenges faced by immigrant students -- from learning a new language to adapting to a new culture, and the educational and social challenges they face daily.

School of Math and Computer Science, Dr. Lan Pham: Born in Vietnam, Dr. Pham’s family emigrated to the US after the Vietnam war. He has a PhD in Mathematics from Ohio State University.