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IVC is the ideal place for piano enthusiasts to push themselves to be better performers and ensemble players through group piano lessons and weekly class performances. Students also have the opportunity to perform on the main stage of the Performing Arts Center, which boasts two new Steinway D concert grand pianos.


The Keyboard and Chamber Music Series brings renowned local artists and our own conservatory trained faculty together to perform accessible, family friendly concerts featuring great works of music.

Group Lessons

Group piano classes are offered for every level of student, from the absolute beginner to the advanced. The Piano I, II, III, and IV courses offer a comprehensive and effective piano program which provides a solid foundation in reading notation, technique, and repertoire.

This course provides group piano instruction for beginners. It emphasizes basic technical and interpretive skills.

This course provides group piano instruction for second semester piano students. It continues basic technical and interpretive skills, teaching scales and more robust beginner piano pieces.

This course provides group piano instruction at the intermediate level. Students focus on the performance of repertoire from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods, as well as popular compositions. The course stresses various aspects of piano technique, including major and minor scales; arpeggios in three octaves; keyboard harmonization; and stylistic interpretation.

This course provides group instruction in piano at the late intermediate to early advanced level. The course focuses on more complex works from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods as well as developing a technique for more advanced pieces.

The Piano Performance and Ensemble course is an opportunity for advanced pianists to perform weekly for peers, IVC professors, and visiting guest artists