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Momentum Points:

  • MP 17 Completed a non-CCCCO-approved certificate – credit based (at least 6 units)
  • MP 18 Completed a CCCCO-Approved Certificate of Achievement
  • MP 23 Completed an AA/AS Degree in a major aligned with student’s CTE pathway
  • MP 28 Job placement or apprenticeship in the same or similar field of study as educational pathway (for students completing more than six units in a credit based program) Student registration in CalJOBS to assist access to employment.
  • MP 29 Industry recognized 3rd party credential
  • MP 30 Wage gain in a career the same or similar to CTE educational pathway

Leading Indicators:

  • LI 1 Alignment of skillsets within a program (or set of courses) to a particular occupation and the needs of the labor market LI 2 Regionalization of stackable certificates aligned with a particular occupation ladder
  • LI 3 Alignment of a certificate with state-, industry-, nationally-, and/or employer-recognized certification
  • LI 4 Creation of a credit certificate from non-credit certificate
  • LI 5 Curriculum articulation along a career or multi-career educational pathway
  • LI 6 Updating the skills of faculty, teachers, counselors, and/or ‘supporting staff to students’ to reflect labor market needs Navigators in the Energy Efficiency & Utilities