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This Proposition 39 Clean Energy Workforce Program supports the following objectives for building the energy efficiency workforce:

  • Build and sustain regional networks of colleges to prepare workforce for the energy sector to improve energy efficiency and expand clean energy generation in the built environment.
  • Leverage assets at multiple colleges across a region to align and regionalize energy efficiency related curriculum
  • Assure compliance to codes and standards by upgrading workforce capacity, knowledge, and skills over the life of the Proposition 39 (SB 73) funding stream
  • Develop sustainable partnerships and methods that link carbon reduction policy and economic development goals to industry needs and education and training programs
  • Elevate the quality of instruction at colleges that have made investments in education and training in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sector
  • Incentivize (through instructor stipends, etc.) regional cooperation, including curriculum alignment; increased access to certificates, degrees and state-certified apprenticeship programs; increased access to employment; and faculty professional development
  • Build career pathways that assure student success by connecting student learning outcomes directly to employment opportunities
  • Enroll all energy related pathway students in EDD’s CalJOBS system and collect outcomes data via the Launchboard
  • Prepare the energy efficiency workforce to participate in the construction, repair and maintenance of commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings as required to meet AB 32 requirements
  • Coordinate efforts with the community college Sector Navigator and Deputy Sector