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IVC News

IVC Early Childhood Education Program Gives Home-Based Preschool Owner Knowledge to Grow

z_thum_raissa.pngSome people discover their true passion early in life. For others, like Raissa Lee, it takes a little longer. She happened on her love of early childhood education a decade ago, after being laid off from her job in the finance industry. Irvine Valley College helped her along her journey, giving her the knowledge needed to grow in her new role as a home-based preschool owner and director.

IVC Students Participate in the UCI Community College Honors Research Conference

thumb_zainab-hussain-alexis-nguyen.png​Thirty-seven IVC students, supported by the IVC Honors Program, participated in the 21st Annual UCI Community College Honors Research Conference March 26-27. IVC students delivered 21 oral presentations, 7 poster presentations, and 1 performance, for a total of 29 of the 236 total presentations given over two days. The students had been working since November 2020 to conduct research, write proposal abstracts, prepare their posters, and record their presentations – all culminating in their participation in live Q&A during the conference.  

IVC Helping Engineering Transfer Student Reach New Heights, Expand Aspirations

large_perez.pngFull of drive – that’s the best way to describe Irvine Valley College (IVC) student Wilfredo Perez. The 22-year-old Perez chases after his goals with enthusiasm and a laser focus. It’s that kind of effort that went into researching his community college options. He wanted a college where he could take courses that meet the general educational requirements for a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of California, Irvine (UCI).