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Metrology, which is the scientific study of measurement, is a critical part of the engineering world. However, many college and university students enter the technical workforce without proper training in this valuable field. The IVC Engineering and Drafting Department is committed to integrating measurement concepts, techniques, and tools into a significant number of our courses. Through the use of our high precision 3D scanners, a Verisurf CMM digitizing arm, high accuracy scales and gauges, and traditional devices such as calipers and micrometers, students participate in lab exercises which teach the importance of accurate measurement, verification of tolerances, determination of errors, process control, and report writing. IVC has also integrated course material from the field of 3D topographical modeling, through the use of drone imagery and LIDAR systems. By integrating the department’s DJI quadcopters as well as our Pix4D and AutoCAD Civil3D software packages, we are educating students on the rapidly advancing processes of autonomous mapping, 3D civil project management, and geographic information systems (GIS).