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Everything you need to succeed as a student from another college who wants to take an IVC online course.

As a student from another college enrolling in the CVC Exchange, IVC will be your teaching campus. The primary college where you are already enrolled is your home campus. You will be issued two email addresses in your home campus portal. The one you use primarily for your home campus coursework through Canvas will be your home campus email. The second email will be assigned by your teaching campus. Your teaching campus instructor may utilize tools in the teaching campus system and that information will be emailed to the email that the teaching campus provided.

You will access your CVC Exchange course through your home campus Canvas account.

Once logged in to Canvas, you will see your CVC Exchange course in the course navigation.

While you are in your CVC Exchange course in Canvas, you still have access to online resources at your home campus.

Be sure to follow your home campus’ Acceptable Use Policy for Online Instruction when taking a CVC Exchange course.

If you need help with course/educational planning, connect with a counselor at your home campus.

If you need assistance accessing online services, contact the Technical Support Desk at your home campus.

For teaching campus support, contact the IVC Technical Support Desk at 949-451-5696.

Please contact the CVC Exchange Support team for help accessing IVC teaching campus course(s) in Canvas. The CVC support via email at or  the CVC Exchange home page for immediate assistance via online Chat.

If you receive academic accommodations (i.e., adjustments, auxiliary aids, or services) from the disability support programs for students at your home campus, those services do not automatically transfer to CVC Exchange courses. If you need accommodation for your CVC Exchange course at IVC, contact the IVC Disability Support Programs for Students (DSPS) Office at 949-451-5630. Please identify yourself as a CVC Exchange student.

If you have been approved for, or are eligible for, federal financial aid at your home campus, please contact the financial aid office there to confirm that your CVC course is eligible for aid.

At a teaching school, students may still be eligible for a fee waiver. Most students qualify by applying for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or Dream Act. More information can be found on IVC’s Office of Financial Aid website at

Note: When enrolling in the CVC Exchange, the residency status that you are assigned at your home campus will also apply to the teaching campus.