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Winnie DinhSanjai Gupta, Ph.D.

School of Mathematics and Computer Science
Outstanding Full-time Teacher of the Year

Sanjai Gupta is an East Coast transplant, where he received his B.S. in mathematics from the University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill in 1999. He received his doctorate in mathematics from Stanford University in 2005. He brings an energetic approach to mathematics, which he has had since elementary school.

Sanjai taught mathematics at three schools before joining the IVC faculty in August 2008. He continues to contribute to the IVC community and has taught the entire spectrum of math courses that IVC offers. He’s written two textbooks on first-year calculus and is currently writing a linear algebra textbook.

Students have expressed how Sanjai makes math more understandable by seamlessly tying previous concepts to new concepts. They have also praised him for helping them become better problem-solvers and critical thinkers. Many have said that he has changed their mindset and work ethic not only towards mathematics but also towards education as a whole.

Sanjai is also involved in other facets of IVC that go above and beyond his teaching responsibilities. He has been on various hiring committees and currently serves on the Calendar and Scholarship committees. He is also the advisor of both the Math and Chess Clubs.

Through innovation and experimentation, Sanjai focuses on getting students to think outside the box so that they reach their full academic potential as move along their educational journey.