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The entrepreneurship program is designed to help develop entrepreneurial skills and mindset. Courses within the program will assist in defining success, founding startups, promoting innovation from within existing businesses, commercializing research, or developing a nonprofit.

The entrepreneurship program opens students to a wide range of career possibilities, including:

  • Working within established businesses, as an "entrepreneur​", to expand existing markets, develop new products or implement new programs
  • Purchasing a franchise, acquiring an existing business, or starting up a new venture
  • Managing growth of an existing business
  • Creating new product, programs, or services that address social needs in new and different ways through public sector work

These career possibilities provide the opportunity for personal wealth and career fulfillment.  Smaller growth companies are a significant source of economic growth in employment, new technology, products, and services.

Students are encouraged to combine entrepreneurship education with other disciplines. Management, Marketing, Real Estate, and Computer Information Management are typical choices.  Art, music, athletics, science, technology, engineering, and math fields also hold great potential for entrepreneurs. In reality, developing the entrepreneurial mindset is the key in every discipline to unleashing the power of knowledge towards improving society, developing economically, and creating personal well-being and wealth.​​​​​​​​​​​​