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This council shall act and speak on behalf of the entire academic senate, that is, the general assembly. The council shall therefore assume the responsibilities of, function as, and bear the title of the Academic Senate, except in those instances in which the general assembly acts in this capacity.


Membership on the representative council consists of senators, two from each school. Senate Cabinet attends meetings but does not vote. Senators shall be elected by faculty of each school. The Senator represents the faculty of their respective schools. The faculty of the school is the constituency group of each senator. Two senators represent associate faculty. Senators may be removed and/or replaced by their constituency for any reason. For a list of current senators, please click here (link to separate page with list).

Responsibilities of Members

Membership responsibilities include reporting Senate business at school meetings, bringing to Senate concerns from faculty, attendance at Representative Council, engagement, and coordination with other senators. Senators must share a commitment to prioritize the long-term best interests of Irvine Valley College.