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Introducing the Arts Village at Irvine Valley College, comprising three central buildings: Music and Dance, Visual Arts, and Fine Arts and Gallery.

Recognized for its noteworthy architectural aesthetic, and spanning 62,471 gross square feet, the new $61 million complex creates a central hub and brings together Music and Dance, Visual Arts, and Fine Arts in facilities boasting LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold equivalency—a testament to IVC’s commitment to sustainability. A spacious patio area with concrete walkways, seating, greenery, and a small amphitheater completes this vibrant campus addition.

Music and Dance

The Music and Dance building (MD), the largest in the Arts Village at 32,549 square feet, houses various amenities, including classrooms and labs for music, private practice rooms, a music library, two dance studios, and instructional support spaces, as well as staff offices.

One cannot overlook the outstanding architectural elements incorporated into these new facilities. A standout feature is the cutting-edge acoustical treatment employed throughout the music and dance practice and rehearsal spaces. This not only enhances the acoustic qualities within each individual room but also ensures sound isolation between the various chambers. 

Irvine Valley College is also proud to announce its prestigious recognition as an All-Steinway School, with 32 Steinway pianos across the college, including 18 grand pianos and 14 uprights. This includes 19 new Steinway pianos, comprising 12 Steinway & sons grand pianos and seven uprights. The All-Steinway School distinction signifies IVC's unwavering dedication to musical excellence, exclusively utilizing Steinway & Sons pianos in teaching, practice, and performance spaces.    

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts building (VA), spanning 20,617 square feet, provides classrooms and labs specifically designed for painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics. It also houses instructional support spaces and staff offices.

The Visual Arts building introduces a new ceramics facility to support sculpture and pottery classes that were previously unavailable, expanding the artistic repertoire available to students. The new facility is also equipped with modern audiovisual systems, enhancing the learning experience by incorporating multimedia resources and interactive tools. Additionally, cutting-edge security technology is implemented to ensure the safety and protection of students, staff, and the valuable artwork within the building. This comprehensive approach aims to create a secure and technologically advanced environment for students to thrive and express their creativity.

Fine Arts and Gallery

The Fine Arts and Gallery building (FA), measuring 8,685 square feet, features an art gallery and a lecture/recital hall. The multi-purpose space boasts adaptable acoustic treatments, allowing it to cater to the diverse sound requirements of its 150-seat capacity auditorium. Whether hosting lectures or musical performances, this exceptional feature guarantees an optimized auditory experience. The art gallery will serve as a platform for showcasing both student artwork and visiting exhibitions.