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Timothy VanNorman

  • Title: Instructional Technologist
  • Department: Technology Services - Main
  • Division: Technology Services
  • Phone: (949)451-5716
  • Bio:


    My name is Tim Van Norman.  I have been the Instructional Technologist at IVC since January, 2018 when IVC finalized the switch from Blackboard to Canvas. 

    To best describe me, I am a helper.  I am constantly looking for ways to help.  This can be teaching, looking for solutions, providing technical support, and in many other ways.

    Teaching Experience

    I taught a six-week Computer Networking course at a local technical college for a couple of years prior to coming to IVC.  For the last set of classes that I taught, I used Canvas.  These classes were all face-to-face.  In fact, many of my students did not have computers at home.  I found that Canvas allowed me to communicate with them and provide additional materials I could not provide in class.

    Technical Background

    For over 30 years, I have provided technical support as all or a portion of my job.  In fact, I worked part-time at IVC for 2 years, providing technical support, prior to being hired as the Instructional Technologist.  This technical background helps me better understand issues as they arise as well how to work with people, no matter the level of their technical experience.

    I continue to answer student, staff and faculty calls to IVC Technical Support.  This is a part of my job that I really enjoy.

    I also host a podcast, The Higher Ed Tech PodcastLinks to an external site., with Brent Warner which covers technology in Higher Education.

    Personal Background

    My wife and I have 3 adult children. Our oldest son now lives in Pennsylvania.  He and his wife had our first grandson just after Christmas in 2022.  My daughter, the middle child, worked with Disney Cruise Line and now works in the stationary part of a party store in Costa Mesa.  My youngest son works at a fast-food place and is working out what he will be doing with his life.  Many of the stories I tell, as I teach, come from experiences they or their friends have had.

    In August 2023, I began working on my MBA.  This is a new and exciting challenge for me.  Please feel free to keep me motivated by asking how it is going.

    I am looking forward to working with you.