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Alternate Media Services is committed to ensuring compliance with the basic guidelines provided for Section 508 by the State Chancellor’s Office in 1999. We provide premier support for all alternate media and assistive technology services at Irvine Valley College. We are committed to make available, upon request, in alternate media format, any publication IVC offers to the general public such as the college catalog, announcements about cultural or recreational events sponsored by the college, job announcements, etc.

Alternate Media

Alternate media refers to textbooks, instructional materials and other printed information produced in a specialized format intended for use by students with disabilities. This may include but is not limited to e-text (electronic text), large print, braille, audio, closed captions on videos and tactile graphics.

Student Guidelines

Faculty and Staff Guidelines

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology refers to a broad spectrum of devices and software that can be helpful to people with disabilities. The following are available at IVC: