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IVC Gave Her the Chance to Explore Her Career Options – Now She’s a Step Away from Being a CPA

Shiva MaggardAfter she graduated high school, Shiva Maggard explored her career options before setting her sights on medical school. She enrolled at IVC and picked biology as her major. Maggard planned to transfer to a four-year college, and like the majority of American college students, she changed her mind along the way.

She decided med school wasn’t for her. She dropped out of college and found work in the restaurant industry, as a bartender. She made decent money in that job, she said, but after a few years realized it wasn’t what she wanted long term.

IVC Model United Nations: Excelling Through Transformational Leadership

MUN_Group Pic.The Irvine Valley College Model United Nations (MUN) program overcame the learning and logistical challenges posed by the pandemic to have another outstanding semester, winning a total of 16 awards at two conferences. Students developed transformational leadership skills by learning how to negotiate and engage with students from around the country and world in a virtual environment. They mastered complex information in new formats,  innovated collaboration techniques, and creatively developed solutions to a number of pressing and timely global problems, such as the rights of protestors, halting biodiversity loss, and promoting gender equality in entrepreneurship, amongst others.

IVC Speech Team Thrives in October Despite Being Virtual

SpeechThe IVC Speech Team finally had a chance to test their skills at their first tournament of the academic year at the 2020 PSCFA Warm-Up Tournament held October 3 - 4. Twenty-four colleges and universities came together to compete at the event with 11 students representing IVC.​ Despite the usual challenges of being virtual, IVC Forensics came out ahead by winning 9 awards in debate, platform speaking, and limited preparation events. Among the most notable awards were the top speaker in Open Informative Speaking and the top speaker in Novice Persuasive Speaking.​

Cast Your Vote at IVC

Election-Hero-Banners Have you found a polling location yet? The IVC Gym will serve as a designated Vote Center this election, starting on Friday, October 30. Orange County elections are being run differently than before now with Vote Centers, offering a full-service voting experience. You can cast your ballot at any location.