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IVC News

Three Siblings Find Success at IVC

z_thum_perez-family.jpegThree siblings’ success at Irvine Valley College (IVC) is a testament to their hard work, their family’s belief in the power of higher education, and the help of key faculty members who encouraged them along the way. 

Monica, Caleb, and Melissa Perez all grew up in Irvine, attending University High School. “I always knew that I would go to college and get a bachelor’s degree since education is important in my family,” Monica says. “Education as a value was instilled at a very early age.”

IVC Early Childhood Education Program Gives Home-Based Preschool Owner Knowledge to Grow

z_thum_raissa.pngSome people discover their true passion early in life. For others, like Raissa Lee, it takes a little longer. She happened on her love of early childhood education a decade ago, after being laid off from her job in the finance industry. Irvine Valley College helped her along her journey, giving her the knowledge needed to grow in her new role as a home-based preschool owner and director.