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These policies and procedures are for proctoring services in the DTC1.

  1. Submit your request at least 48 business hours in advance through the Test Proctoring Portal
  2. Schedule the exam on the day and time that has been agreed upon with your instructor. Instructor approval is required.
  3. Clarify any questions with your instructor prior to taking your test(s). Proctors cannot answer or clarify any questions regarding the test(s).
  4. Video recording is in operation while your test(s) are being proctored and may be viewed by your instructor and staff.
  5. Photo identification is required prior to taking your test(s).
  6. Electronic devices, food and drinks are not allowed in the testing room unless it is an approved accommodation.
  7. Testing room lockers are available on a first come first serve basis. All personal items must fit into one locker.
  8. The testing room is an unscented and distraction reduced environment. Please be courteous to others, refrain from using perfumes, lotions, etc. and be as quiet as possible.
  9. It is your responsibility to bring all testing materials (i.e scantrons, calculators, etc.).
  10. Only instructor approved materials are allowed in the testing room.
  11. It is your responsibility to inform the proctor if there are any issues that arise while in the testing room.
  12. If you are late to your test appointment the time you are late for your scheduled test will be deducted from your total time (i.e., 10 mins late for a 1-hour test means you will have 50 mins left).
  13. All materials used during the test(s) (i.e., scratch paper, etc.) will be collected and returned to your instructor.
  14. If you leave the testing room without prior approval your test will be considered complete.
  15. The proctor will verify that calculators are cleared before and after test.
  16. If there is suspicious behavior, it will be noted. The proctor(s) will provide your instructor with a detailed report and evidence of the incident.
  17. Students at IVC are responsible for following the Student Code of Conduct and may be disciplined for academic dishonesty. Please see the IVC catalog or website. for detailed information on these policies.

I have read and understand the above statements and will abide by the policies and procedures as stated.