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Tim Van NormanIVC Instructional Technologist Tim VanNorman has been invaluable in the college’s transition to online learning this past month. He exudes #IVCTogetherStrong mantra of going above and beyond. When the call went out that IVC was transitioning to online instruction, Tim was instrumental in assisting faculty and students as they prepared to begin teaching and learning remotely. “With all that has happened with the campus closure,” Tim says, “I am thankful that I am in the position to be able to support faculty and staff. The whole IT team has made this transition for everyone, possible.”

No stranger to offering technology support, Tim started out with IVC in 2016 offering service desk support. He was appointed instructional technologist in 2018.

We’re grateful to have Tim supporting the students, faculty, and staff at IVC! 

Here’s some of what others have had to say about him: 

“Tim truly has been a dependable, reliable, positive light during the transition to online instruction and supporting Technical Services. Without question, his efforts, positive attitude, can-do gumption, and patience, we would not have moved an entire college’s classes online within a two-week period.  He is innovative and is always concerned about how faculty and students may have challenges with online instruction. Then, he comes up with solutions to those challenges! From numerous training classes to countless hours on the phone helping students and staff navigate the online world, he is able to serve students, staff, faculty, and management with hard work and technical knowledge and I am truly proud to see his work shine day in and day out.”

- Nick Wilkening, Director of Technology Services

"I just wanted to say that Tim Van Norman has been doing a superhuman job of supporting faculty with tech issues and learning as we have all moved to online instruction. I know everyone is working hard, but I truly don't know how Tim is doing a​ll he is. He has put together countless hours of instructional videos, held innumerable workshops, and has probably assisted every single faculty member one-on-one with something or other during the past two weeks. And he has seemed to maintain his calm, patience, and good humor throughout! If you have more shout-outs for IVC heroes, please include Tim!”


- Kay Ryals, English Instructor