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We Are Stronger Together!


In response to the protective mask shortage brought about by
COVID-19, a small crew from Irvine Valley College’s (IVC) Theatre Department pitched in to help by making masks. The industrious trio consists of IVC’s costume/makeup designer Nancy Bracken, dance costume seamstress Nancy Taylor, and student Swede Mont. The group quickly got to work sewing masks for IVC staff, particularly those still working on campus, such as staff from the facilities department, IT, and campus police. 

Working from home, they began the project at the beginning of April and have successfully delivered over 275 masks since. Each mask takes about 20-25 minutes to complete, as the costume shop crew has to follow Center’s for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to make sure the masks are able to repel viruses from entering. 

The biggest hurdle they had to overcome creating the mask was gathering supplies. Their first batch of masks were made from leftover fabrics they already had in the costume shop, while some fabrics they gathered from their own personal supplies. Elastic was also in short supply. The materials they used to construct their masks are cotton fabric, pipe cleaner for nose piece, and elastic for ear loops. The masks also have pockets for the user to insert a filter of their choice. They are now able to deliver about 50 masks per week to continue to protect the health of our own community. 

As a community, we thank N​ancy Bracken and her crew for selflessly creating masks to protect the well-being and health of those who are not able to work remotely.