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Students who attend By Honors Symposium
May 16, 2023

On May 6, a group of 17 IVC Honors students presented their research at the Bay Honors Symposium hosted by the Bay Honors Consortium at Stanford University.

Ria Singh Thakur’s project, “The Unhinged Woman: An Intersectional Feminist Evaluation of Postfeminist Anti-heroine Fiction and Online Gender Performance,” was named a finalist for both awards by the symposium, the Katharine Award and the Heslet Scholar Award.

Jason Au and Ethan Lee’s project “Winning a Losing Game: Using Machine Learning with Stochastic Gradient Descent to Beat the Sports Betting Market” was named a finalist for the Heslet Scholar Award.

Students at Bay Honors Symposium

This was the first time in the symposium’s history that a single college had two Heslet finalists. IVC students presented twice as many projects as other community colleges across the state on topics ranging from AI racial bias in predictive policing algorithms, academic pressure on South Korean students, and mathematical modeling of California condor and gray wolf populations.