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Hasim Sevinc
February 14, 2023

Hasim Sevinc took a step into the business world while he was a student at IVC and hasn’t stopped since. In 2019, while studying at IVC, he started his own company, Ephesus, that specializes in mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. He transferred to UCLA in 2020 and will graduate this winter with his degree in economics.  

Hasim, who is the eldest son of an immigrant family, says he was driven to start his own company as a means to provide a stable future for he and his loved ones. 

“My journey in the business world began by selling various retail and wholesale products on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay,” recalls the young businessman. “Over time, I found myself drawn to the medical equipment industry and began selling various brands online.”

Hasim’s ultimate goal is to establish Ephesus, which is headquartered in Santa Ana, as a widely acknowledged and respected brand in the global mobility equipment market.

During his time at IVC, Hasim was a member of Phi Theta Kappa and served as Vice President of Leadership. He says his involvement with student life at IVC provided him with valuable skills that he still draws on today.  

“IVC provided me with a multitude of opportunities to grow both academically and personally,” recollects Hasim. “Throughout my time at IVC, I was able to take a diverse range of GE classes taught by some of the most inspiring professors. These classes not only helped me to develop a solid understanding of business and economics, but they also opened my eyes to new perspectives and ideas."

Hasim says he is thrilled to graduate from UCLA this winter and is looking forward to the continued growth of Ephesus.

“My experience at IVC has been nothing short of amazing,” Hasim recalls fondly. “I will always cherish my memories and skills that I have acquired during my time there.”