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Tien Tran
October 31, 2022

On October 29, the IVC Honors Program and Saddleback Honors Program hosted the 11th Annual IVC/Saddleback Student Research Symposium. IVC and Saddleback students convened in person on the Saddleback College campus to share oral presentations and poster displays of their research in a range of disciplines. Of the 47 research projects, 36 were presented by IVC students. The event featured a keynote address by Dr. Araceli Centanino, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies at Irvine Valley College, entitled “Silence in the Archives: Historical Research and Self Discovery,” which traced Dr. Centanino’s journey from community college through Ph.D. and exemplified the challenges and rewards of scholarly research. The Symposium was an exciting celebration of student scholarship and of the faculty mentors who have supported students in their research.

Awards were presented for the top research abstracts and the top research posters. Outstanding Abstract Awards were presented to the following students: Keli Fisher (Saddleback) for “Environmentalism and Religion: Exploring How Environmentalist Values are Shaping Shintō’s Role and Identity in the 21st Century”; Justine Jamie Gotico (IVC) for “Tigers in My House: How Tiger Parenting In Asian America Endangers College Students”; Chell Le (IVC) for “Overriding Homelands: Imperialism and The Machine of Factory Farming in Southeast Asian Food”; and Siddharth Solaiyappan (IVC) for “Machine Learning Based Medical Image Deepfake Detection: A Comparative Study.”  Poster Awards went to Harin Lee (IVC) for “The Effect of Openness on Creativity and Subjective Well-Being”; Janhavi Shah (IVC) for “Climate Change Impacts on Women’s Prosperity in Bangladesh”; Emiliya Tabatabai (Saddleback) for “The Effects of Isopentyl Acetate on the Behavior and Metabolic Rate of Honey Bees: Apis mellifera”; and Tien Tran and Audrey Pham (IVC) for “Investigating Climate Change from the National Weather Service Data in Southern California.”