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Purpose and Services

Circle K International is an international collegiate service organization formed to help the community through various service projects. It aims to build fellowship and create leaders within the membership. It also provides leadership training through professional development and conferences.

Circle K International provides activities and leadership development through programs, such as various informative workshops that prospers the member's awareness, knowledge, and skills. The club hosts weekly meetings in a classroom and uses the computer for the meeting presentations. The club also utilizes other facilities like vans so that members can receive transportation to professional development conferences. Lastly, the club attends the budget hearing every year to provide a detailed and informative club budget and financial request.

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Officers & Advisor

President: Jade Goodman
Vice-President: Isabelle Tran
Clerk: Hanna Nouizi
Treasurer: Andrea Widjaja
ICC Rep.: Lauren Lee
Advisor: Nancy Ikeda
Club Status: Active

Upcoming Events/Meetings