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Purpose and Services

A plethora of STEM majors are required to take a chemistry class at some point in their academic career, which is why the Chemunity is there for students from all academic backgrounds that are unified by this requirement. The goal of the Chemunity is to help connect students with careers and opportunities that involve an education in chemistry. Students will better understand what options they have in the world of chemistry by going on field trips, hearing from guest speakers, participating in research, gaining hands-on laboratory skills, and being involved in a group of ambitious students with a shared interest in chemistry.

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Officers & Advisor

President: Karolina Divisova
Vice-President: Cordelia Tucker
Clerk: Arhait Mohammed
Treasurer: Ethan Pham
ICC Rep.: Angelina Zarov
Advisor: Steven Nguyen
Co-Advisor: Thomas Cullen
Club Status: Active

Upcoming Events/Meetings