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Kass Malcor holding owl

In the halls of Irvine Valley College (IVC), Kass Malcor's journey is one of exploration, determination, and advocacy. Graduating with an AA-T in History, Kass's passion for American history is not just academic but deeply personal, driven by a desire to illuminate the often-overlooked narratives of queer Americans. 

Having graduated from University High School in 2018, Kass embarked on their college journey at IVC in the fall of 2019. Although the path wasn't always clear, Kass's resilience and dedication led them to discover their calling in American history. Their next step? Transferring to California State University, Long Beach to pursue a B.A. in History, with dreams of eventually earning a Ph.D. Their ultimate goal? To become a community college professor, sharing their passion for history and fostering inclusive learning spaces. 

Kass's academic excellence goes beyond an impressive GPA. Kass has been deeply involved in extracurricular activities at IVC. As Vice President of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Club, they have championed diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives on campus. Their involvement in student panels, Project Specialist role with Pride Scholars, and groundbreaking presentation on queer allyship during faculty/staff Flex Week underscore their commitment to advocacy and education. 

Outside of academia, Kass's passion for teaching and community service shines through their 10-year tenure as a volunteer and educator at the Orange County Bird of Prey Center. An artist and photographer, Kass's multifaceted interests enrich their academic journey, adding depth and perspective to their pursuits.

Reflecting on their time at IVC, Kass offers advice to future students: “At times school can feel incredibly isolating. It can feel like you are all alone in the world and you don't belong. But who you are adds value to space. Your perspective is uniquely your own, and what you can bring to the world is invaluable. There will always be people that make that feel hard to believe, but the other side of that coin is there are people who will make you believe in your own worth. Be one of them. For yourself and others. Who you are is important, and you have a whole world in front of you to explore. You will find your path. It may not take turns you expect, but that's what will make it a compelling story when you tell it later. This is your story, and you are capable of far more than you might believe. “